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Learn how to get everyone involved in your next project works best as a project collaboration software, where the entire team has access to our suite of project management tools. Add team members, assign them tasks and give them more visibility into their progress and their role.

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Adding New Users To Your Project

Watch this handy video for visual instructions on how to add more users to

Where to Add Users

There are three primary places you can click to add new users to your project.

  1. Go to the top left drop down, then select Add People
  2. Go to All Projects > People > Add Person
  3. Click on Invite Team under the “Welcome” tab (if visible)

Assign Roles

Once you have found where to add a user, all you need to do now is enter some basic information:

  1. Give them a name
  2. Type in their email
  3. Assign them a role

assign roles

There are five different types of roles:

  1. Admin: the manager who signed up for the software and handles onboarding
  2. Manager: any team leader who needs to assign tasks, track progress & report
  3. Team Member: licensed user who works on tasks, can have access restricted
  4. Guest: non-licensed guest who can merely view your project in a “view-only” state
  5. None: an item/team member without a license scheduled in the workload calendar

Once you have filled out the user’s information and assigned them a role, they will receive an email invitation to the software, asking them to update their login information. Once they log in, they have been officially added to the project and can be assigned tasks immediately!


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3 Key Areas in the Software for Your Team Members

Managers and admins will have access to, and appreciate, the breadth of features that has to offer. However, team members really only need to access and focus on these three areas in the software.

Tasks Page

Team members will spend the majority of their time on the Tasks page. Here they can see all of their tasks, their corresponding projects, their due dates and their percentage complete. Team members can even prioritize and filter their tasks to make sure they are hitting all the important deadlines.

view tasks

Task attachments, notes and comments can also be accessed from this page, so it’s really a central hub for getting everything they need to accomplish their work. As they work on their tasks, their time is automatically updated everywhere throughout the system, including the Gantt page, workload calendar and timesheets.

Activity Page

The Activity page is a live stream of all the activities happening on the project. Your team members will receive real-time updates whenever changes happen, such as a new task comment, a new file upload, or a new task assignment.

latest activity

Users can also initiate chats here or send direct messages, fostering a collaborative environment. This can be essential when team members have to work together to knock out project tasks. When working together, it’s easy to upload important documents or share links right in the Activity view.

Timesheets Page

We offer secure and easy-to-use online timesheets. Our timesheets can be manually populated by the team member, or it can be automatically updated as they input how many hours they’ve worked on each task in the task view. Once they update their timesheet and submit it for approval, it can no longer be adjusted, and managers can then approve those hours with just one click.

personal timesheet page

A Collaborative Environment Ensures Project Success

Your team is the lifeblood of the project. Gone are the days when you had to do all the heavy lifting with the project tools. The sooner you get your team onboarded into a collaborative project management software like, the sooner your productivity will skyrocket. See just how quickly you can get started on the path to success with this free 30-day trial.


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