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Get Started in Minutes

Create projects, import your work from popular third-party apps or use one of our industry-specific project planning templates to get started.

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Collaborate with the Team

Onboard the team and create a collaborative hub for everyone to work on your project plan. Work better together!

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Track and Share Progress

Our project planning software has dashboards that give you a high-level view into the health, progress and costs of all your projects.

Why Should You Use ProjectManager?

Unlock your team's potential and increase their productivity with best-in-class project planning software.

Create Accurate Schedules

Every project starts with a plan, and ProjectManager has all the project planning and task management tools you need to plan your projects from start to finish.

Use Gantt charts to visualize your deadlines and identify the critical path, then allocate resources and track progress to keep things moving smoothly.

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Improve Communication

No more missed connections, lost files or tasks falling through the cracks. You’ll have one central hub for all project information.

Keep your stakeholders informed and your team on track by ensuring they always have access to the latest info, files and reports.

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Multiple Project Views

Create workflows that work best for your team. Choose from Gantt charts, sheet, kanban boards, task lists and calendar views. ProjectManager supports you, whether you work in agile or waterfall.

Status updates made in one view are represented in every view, so your team is always on the same page.

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Safe and Secure

We take data security very seriously. To ensure your projects are never delayed, we offer single-sign on, role based access, unlimited file storage and data encryption.

With >99.999% uptime and continuous backups, rest assured that your projects are safe with ProjectManager.

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Work in Real Time

Access your work anytime, anywhere. Our cloud-based software updates in real time, so you always have access to the latest information on your project.

Plus, set up customizable in-app notifications and email alerts that trigger when your project status updates.

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Generate Custom Reports

Stay on schedule with customizable, automated time and status reports that offer insights into your project’s performance—perfect for keeping stakeholders informed.

You can check on project status, tasks, variance and more. Filter the report and get just the data you want.

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A screenshot of the kanban board view in ProjectManager, with one of the task windows expanded. A comment left on the task reads 'This is looking great!', and a comment in reply says 'Thanks, I can't wait to see it finished!

Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

ProjectManager’s user interface is easy for anybody on your team to use, but sophisticated enough for those who like to get the most out of their project management software.

  • Manage even the most complex workflows
  • Create resource plans and manage workload
  • Handles teams from ten to ten thousand

Maximize Results,
Reduce Costs

No more guesswork. ProjectManager provides real-time data on your project, so you can always direct your effort to what makes the most impact.

  • Set project baselines to keep on track
  • Manage budgets with cost management tools
  • Track resources across an entire project portfolio
A screenshot of ProjectManager's dashboard, which displays six panes that each have charts and graphs within. The panes are labeled Tasks, Time, Costs, Workload, Progress, and Health

ProjectManager’s Planning Tools at a Glance

Our robust suite of project management features will empower your team and drive your next project towards success.

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Gantt Charts

Manage tasks, dependencies and milestones on the industry’s best Gantt chart.

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Kanban Boards

Create flexible workflows with drag-and-drop cards and custom columns.

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Workload Charts

Keep your team working efficiently with resource planning tools.

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Built-in team and task calendars that sync with your Google Calendar.

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Your project data is automatically calculated and presented in graphs.

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Share customizable status reports for your stakeholders.

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Plan your project portfolio on a powerful roadmap, perfect for managing multiple projects.

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Get online timesheets your team can update anytime, anywhere.

Works Great with Programs You Already Use

ProjectManager fits right into your workflow with integrations for over 1000+ third-party apps.

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