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Simplify Project Reports

3 Ways to Simplify Your Project Reports

Watch Jennifer Bridges, PMP, explore three ways to simplify your project management reports. The right tool makes all the difference, saving you time, money and project health.

Is YourTeam Lazy?

How to Motivate a “Lazy” Team Member

Know how to spot a lack of motivation in your team members, and the different reasons they might be being unproductive. Being lazy might just be a symptom, not the diagnosis.

Build collaborative culture

How to Create a Collaborative Culture

Collaboration is just good business. Learn how to embed a culture of collaboration with your team and how to spot the team members on your project who are already collaborating.

When to Cancel Project

When is the Right Time to Cancel a Project?

Know when to cut your losses and how to salvage valuable project gains when making the decision to cancel a project. Get the facts on project failure rates and what global businesses consider threats to project success.

Online Project Management Tool

Why You Should Use One Tool in Your Organization

Watch Jennifer Bridges, PMP, discuss the benefits of rolling out one project management software tool across your entire organization. Keep teams and data aligned and manage projects across the whole org.

Scheduling Tips

5 Tips For Faster Scheduling

Discover how collaborating with your team can lead to faster, and more efficient, project scheduling, particularly with the right online tools that enable open access to your project schedule.

Establish Your Project Priority

How to Make Your Project a Priority

Keep your project top-of-mind with key stakeholder and your team with these tips for project managers. Learn how to reinforce your project's mission critical goals.

Manage Office Politics

5 Tips For Managing Project Politics

Put an end to project-busting office politics with these five tips. Learn how to develop a collaborative and open culture and dispel project myths before they start.

How to document process

5 Steps to Document a Process

Follow these 5 steps to correctly document a process for your projects. Learn how and why accuracy and follow-through matters and reasons why you would want to document various aspects of your project.

Monitor Project Health

3 Checks to Keep Your Project Healthy

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, discusses ways to check the health of your project to ensure you are delivering on time and under budget. Learn how the right tools give you the right visibility.

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