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How to build backlog

How to Build Your Project Backlog

Learn how to build your project backlog for Agile, Waterfall or any kind of project. Certified Scrum Master Devin Deen discusses how to prioritize and maintain project vision.

How to add value as a Project Manager

How to Bring Value as a Project Manager

There are many skills that we learn when studying to be a project manager, but how do we know whether we're adding value to our team? Follow these tips to bring the most value you can.

project managers know how to do these 10 things

10 Top Skills for Project Managers

In the following article, project managers are given a top-10 list of skills sets that make their jobs managing a project sharper, more efficient and easier.

Get better team estimates

How to Train Your Team to Estimate

You need the best possible estimates from your team, but estimating is a learned skill. Use these tips to train your team to give you the exact estimates every time.

Statement of Work Planning

8 Steps from SOW to Project Plan

Turn a Statement of Work (SOW) document into a project plan in 8 simple steps. Documents alone can't plan your project for you; you need to take action.

Tips for Scheduling a Project

How to Schedule a Project

Jennifer Bridges, PMP and project management expert, discusses the best practices for scheduling your next project in this short project management training video.

time management in a project

5 Time Saving Project Tips

Your project is successful when delivered on time and under budget. So what are you doing to save time on your project? Follow these 5 tips to save time without impacting cost or quality.

Work Life Balance

Giving Your Project Team Work/Life Balance

There are many ways to support your team's work-life balance beyond adding a foosball table to your office. Determine what work-life practices will be best for your team.

Better project scheduling

7 Tips for Project Schedules

Follow these tips to get better project schedules, and add to this list next time you're scheduling a project. Using a checklist to remember best scheduling practices is important.

How to initiate a project

4 Steps to Project Initiation

How you start a project can set the tone for the success of the project. In this article we explore the Project Charter, Stakeholder Register, Stakeholder Analysis Matrix and the Stakeholder Management Strategy--all documents that project managers produce during the initiation phase of a project to help set a project up for success.Project Initiation is the first part of the project life cycle. It’s when you work out exactly what you are going to do and set some guidelines for the rest of the project. Normally, you won’t get into detailed planning until you have completed this initia...

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