20 Minute Overview


Training for Managers

See how managers can use our tools to better organize their teams.


Training for Teams

Learn how team members can get the most out of our software.

Getting Started


ProjectManager.com Overview

Brief overview of how ProjectManager.com can work for you and your team.


5 Steps to Getting Started

It’s easy to get started using our tool, in these five simple steps.


How to Add Users

Our collaborative platform makes it easy to add your team, wherever they are located. Learn how.

Project Setup


Setting up a Project

Get your first project started in minutes, with these easy to follow steps.


Setting Up Templates

Set up project templates to streamline your work and improve project delivery times.


Import or Export Files

Seamlessly import Microsoft Project, Excel or CSV files in just a few clicks. Here’s how.

Onboarding Your Team


How Executives Can Use ProjectManager.com

Learn how Executives can benefit from real time dashboards, reporting features and more.


How Teams Can Use ProjectManager.com

Set up for team members is explained, alongside popular team features like task lists and collaboration.


How Managers Benefit from ProjectManager.com

Learn account set up for managers, including how your team and clients will use the tool.

Account Setup


Setting Security & Permissions

Learn all the ways you can customize your account security settings and permission sets for your team.


How to Set Up Email Alerts

Set up custom email alerts for you and your team, so you can stay informed at all times. Learn how.


Integrations Overview

Learn about all the different ways you can integrate with ProjectManager.com.

Gantt Chart Basics


Using the Gantt Chart

Watch an overview of how the Gantt chart works collaboratively across the entire system.


Leads, Lags, Links & Dependencies

Learn how to create dependent tasks and build in lag to your projects with this overview of advanced Gantt features.


How to Use Milestones

Understand how milestones work in our Gantt and how you can apply them to your projects.


Printing & Presenting Your Projects

Managing Tasks


Assigning People to Tasks

You can assign one person or multiple people to tasks in our tool. Watch to learn how.


How to Prioritize Tasks

Learn how you can prioritize your tasks easily with filters on the task list by project, assignee and more.


Creating Subtasks

It’s easy to organize your project with subtasks to manage your projects in phases or in sprints. Learn how.


Planning Half-day Durations

Tracking Time and Team Progress


Using Timesheets

Watch to learn how to create and update Timesheets in just seconds.


Timesheet Approvals

Learn how to set up approvers for Timesheets and how to get your Timesheet approved in just one click.


How to Manage Workload

Learn how to manage and allocate resources in our software, including tracking resource availability in real time.


Resource Planning

Get better visibility into your resource time, cost and availability to better plan your projects. Learn how.


How to Manage Expenses

Explore several key features that let you manage project and team expenses easily.


How to Share a Project

There are several ways to share your projects with your team or stakeholders. Learn how.



How to Use Reports

Watch to learn how to create one-click, executive ready reports, as well as customize your data views.


How to Create Dashboards

Our real-time dashboards are always updating with your data. Learn how each chart collects data throughout the system.


Tracking Risks, Issues & Changes

It’s easy to track and prioritize risks, issues and changes and get instant reports on any updates. Learn how.



Why Choose ProjectManager.com?

Learn why ProjectManager.com is the preferred online project management tool for companies all around the world.


Unique Benefits of ProjectManager.com

See how ProjectManager.com is different from other PM tools, and how we can help you and your teams succeed.


ProjectManager.com vs. Microsoft Project

Learn the key differences between ProejctManager.com and MS Project, especially in ease of use, cost and team functionality.

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