Online Project Portfolio Management Software is a cloud-based project portfolio management software that gives managers the up-to-the-second transparency they need to manage their portfolios, their project managers and their stakeholders. Track progress and resources, and make customized reports—anytime, anywhere.'s multiple projects view
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Group and Organize Your Projects

Our Overview feature gives you a high-level view of all your projects. All your projects are listed here, and you can customize what information is visible. Drag and drop projects into folders to organize them. You can even create folders for each client for better one-on-one management.

Powerful Project Portfolio Roadmap

Our roadmap collects all the projects in your portfolio on one Gantt chart, giving you visibility down to the task level. Filter by assignee, project manager or customer to make forecasts; see which projects are open and who is assigned to what, and highlight key metrics for stakeholders. Customize your roadmap to get the details you want.

Project portfolio roadmap view

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Tracking resources across your entire portfolio in

Portfolio-Wide Resource Management

Resource management features can track, manage and report across your whole portfolio—giving you full visibility into your resources. Track planned effort across the portfolio against the actual work done to stay on schedule. See who is over-allocated, under-allocated or not working because of a holiday. Keep your portfolio’s resources balanced.

Customized Portfolio Reporting

High-level reports keep you informed. Report on your portfolio’s status, tasks and timelines with just a few clicks. Customize reports to highlight status, customer, priority and more to give you flexibility and governance. Get workload reports on individual projects, too. Of course, you can easily download and share them to keep stakeholders updated.’s Portfolio Report creation screen
Portfolio level dashboard report in

Portfolio Dashboards Capture Progress

Stay on track with our real-time dashboard. Track six portfolio metrics in boldly colored charts that can be shared with stakeholders for quick updates or presentations. Dashboards give high-level visibility into the portfolio for real-time tracking and reporting. You can filter your dashboard by project manager, customer, priority or status for specific insights.

Secure and Shareable

Share individual projects while keeping the full portfolio to yourself. Create private projects for yourself that others can join without having access to the full portfolio view. Share projects with other administrators, managers and team members. also has API integration for further customization.

Secure and shareable project creation screen
Task list including a sample task detail page

All Your Projects Under Your Control manages your projects, programs and portfolios. Our roadmap takes you further than a Gantt with its rollup features, and our dynamic workload features, reporting tools and real-time dashboards provide actionable data for better decision-making. Oversee your portfolio with confidence.

Project Portfolio Management Features

view project roadmaps


Track your portfolio on a timeline.

create and assign tasks to others


See who’s working and who’s available.

create task reports


Generate customized reports.

create simple task lists


Kanban boards for visual task management.

real time reporting with dashboards


Portfolio metrics track progress.

share your project plans


Share projects not full portfolio.

create project plans


Control all the projects in your portfolio.

sync your calendar with your tasks


See all the project tasks laid out in a calendar view.

Simply Manage Multiple Projects & Teams