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View task updates in real time, monitor key metrics and keep everything on track with project dashboard software. Our dashboard automatically depicts project data in easy-to-read, colorful charts, so you get total transparency into projects. With, you can spot issues before they become problems and leave your stakeholders impressed.'s Dashboard view
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Get Real-Time Dashboard Tools

Your project dashboard is always up-to-date with the latest business intelligence from your team. Get dashboard widgets that help you monitor tasks, teams, costs, health and more. With, you can see instantly how your tasks, team and projects are progressing.

And Track All Your Tasks in One View

Your project dashboard updates instantly when your team updates their tasks and timesheets, so you always know if you’re on track. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manual reporting. Progress bars
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You Can View Your Team’s Workload

On the dashboard’s workload widget, you can view each team member’s progress to easily monitor how much work they have completed according to their schedule. Red, green and yellow color codes let you know at-a-glance who is on track.

Get the Ultimate Project Dashboard

And Track Project Timelines Easily

See how your project is progressing against your plan. View with easy red and green color-coding, whether your project is on track or falling behind schedule.

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How to Use Project Dashboard Software

A project dashboard is a high-level view of your project that tracks progress, costs and more.’s dashboard does all that in real time. Here’s a step-by-step introduction to the tool.

Start your project by adding tasks or use our template

1. Start a Project

Start your project by importing a task list from any spreadsheet or Microsoft Project file. Or, use one of our industry-specific templates and fill in the blanks.

Get your budget in the project early to use to track costs

2. Add Project Budget

Define a budget for your new project. Enter the budget figure, and it will populate on the dashboard in the cost and health panels. Planned and actual costs will be compared to your original budget.

Detail your tasks to track on the dashboard

3. Enter Task Details

Add details to your tasks so you can better manage them with the project dashboard. Enter start and end dates, the associated costs and the assigned team members, so you can monitor progress with just a glance.

When progress is updated it shows up everywhere on the software

4. Execute & Update

In order for the dashboard to be current, your team has to regularly update their progress. We crunch the numbers and display them in colorful charts: you get the most current information possible to make data-driven decisions.

Our dashboard shows you progress in real time

5. View Progress

See which tasks have been started, are overdue and are in progress. Get percent complete stats on your dashboard, so you can see just how far away you are from that next milestone.

Adding start and finish dates gives our dashboard data to monitor your progress

6. Add Start & Finish Dates

Add actual start and finish dates to your tasks. We’ll compare them to your planned start and finish dates and automatically calculate any slippage. Your dashboard instantly refreshes the health, progress and time charts to keep you from missing a deadline.

See the cost of your project against what you planned in your budget

7. See Actual Cost

Input the planned and actual costs of tasks on your Gantt chart, such as hourly labor rates and resource costs. They will populate on the cost graph on your dashboard. Now you can see your planned budget compared to your actual costs when executing the project.

Workload chart shows who has too many or too few tasks

8. Check Workload

Manage workloads on either the Gantt or workload page. On the workload page, specifically, you can see holidays, PTO and who’s over or under allocated. The dashboard will give you a quick snapshot of that information too.

It’s easy to share your dashboard with stakeholders

9. Share Dashboard

Whenever you manage a project, it’s essential to keep your stakeholders updated. makes it easy to share your dashboard, giving stakeholders the transparency they want.

Dashboards help you stay on track

10. Refer Back to Dashboard

Viewing your dashboard is important throughout every phase of the project. It helps you stay on schedule and within your budget. See how tasks are progressing and adjust your plan as needed to stay on track.

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Key Features of Our Project Dashboards

Get a Dashboard Overview

See the overall health of your project in one place. All five dashboard metrics are summarized here. Check the time, tasks, workload, progress and cost of your project and know instantly if you’re on schedule.

Track several project metrics in one place

Track Project Tasks

Track all of your tasks with our color-coded chart. You can easily see which tasks are started, in progress or complete. Get a quick overview of how much work you have left.

View your progress on tasks

See Where You Are in the Project

Know what percentage of your tasks are done, and which ones are holding you up. If you add summary tasks on our Gantt chart, they’ll show up here, too.

See your overall project progress on our dashboard

Know If You’re Ahead or Behind Schedule

See if your schedule is moving forward as planned or running behind. The time chart measures the percentage complete for your whole project, making it easy to avoid scope creep.

Know if you’re on, ahead or behind schedule

Monitor Your Team’s Assignments

Assigned tasks are shown as completed, remaining and overdue by color on the workload graph. The data is based on the percentage complete for each task.

Keep your team’s workload balanced

Make Sure You’re On Budget

Compare your planned costs against your actual costs with the cost graph. Your budget is a baseline set against what you spend executing the project, so you’re aware of your expenditure.

Keep track of your project budget

Start Tracking Your Projects is an award-winning software that provides transparency into every phase of a project. Our real-time dashboard uses charts to track critical metrics, such as cost, progress, slippage and more.

But that’s only a window into the work. has tools that manage every aspect of a project, from planning to task management, scheduling and reporting. Our software is all that you’ll need to lead a project from initiation to close. Try today with this free 30-day trial.

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