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Create New Tasks

Add new tasks or import task lists into to create your project plan. Or start with one of our simple project plan templates to get started.

Set Due Dates

Update each task with a planned due date, and watch the Gantt chart instantly update. As your team progresses on each task, you can see shading in the task bar that indicates how far along they are!

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Start Planning Successful Projects Today

Gantt chart in project planning tool

Assign People to Tasks

Invite your team members and assign them tasks so the whole team can collaborate on the plan. The team can update their tasks, add files, comment, and participate in discussions easily on desktop and mobile.

Get Plan Updates

See activity on the plan as it happens. Plus, set up email alerts so everyone knows when the tasks and plans have been updated. Everyone stays in the loop on how the plan is progressing.

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Create Plans for Every Team

With flexible online project planning features, different teams across the enterprise can use anytime, anywhere to plan any kind of project:

  • IT & Software Plans
  • Construction Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Professional Services Plans
  • And more…

Plan Agile and Waterfall Projects lets you use both Agile and Waterfall planning, which makes the tool perfect for different phases of project and product management. It’s easy to:

  • Plan in sprints
  • Plan large projects
  • Track issues
  • Collaborate with teams
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And Track All Your Plans in One Place

Our project planning software has dashboards that give you instant bird’s eye views into the health and progress of all your plans. You can:

  • Monitor plan progress
  • Track costs
  • View resource availability

Keeping your plans on track has never been easier.

Start Planning Successful Projects Today

Deliver Your Projects On Time & Under Budget

With's project management planning software, you and your team can plan projects, track progress and collaborate online with these planning tools and more.

online gantt charts for project planning

Online Gantt Charts

Create interactive Gantt charts online and share project plans online.

schedule tasks into project plans

Schedule Tasks

Simply drag the task bars on the Gantt to quickly adjust dates.

create simple task lists

Task Lists

Your team always knows what to work on with personal project task lists.

manage teams for multiple projects

Manage Teams

Assign tasks to your team by availability and workload.

create timesheets on projects


Get online timesheets your team can update anytime, anywhere.

export files from your project plans

Import & Export

Import Microsoft Project Plans, Excel & Word files seamlessly.

collaborate on projects


Your team can update their tasks, add files and comments right on the project plan.

share your project plans

Share Online

You can share your project plans with your team online or print them out.