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Hello. I’m Jennifer Bridges, Director of Well, welcome to our whiteboard session today on project management and a topic that happens to all of us. Can you picture yourself here, trying to get from point A to point B of your project? You could be at your office trying to get to your critical meeting, wherever that may be. It could be in your own office building. It could be down the hall. It could be across town, in another city, or another country.

So you could be, you are here, in the middle, taking planes, trains, automobiles, or even by foot, and you find yourself here. Then what happens? You get the call. You get the call from your stakeholders, or project team members, or someone asking you that question, “Where’s the status report?”

Maybe, if you’re like me, sometimes some of my responses are, “Um…” or I give a really long pause. Or maybe a tactic is, repeating the question, or even, if things are really tough, “Um, I think we’re having a bad connection,” and then the phone disconnects. Well, if you get these questions, “Where are we on that project?”, “How was testing?”, “Has it been completed?”, “Did you see my message?” If you get questions like this while you’re trying to get from point A to point B, then if you’re looking for a better response than these, sometimes I find myself trying to fumble
through my book.

Maybe I’m literally, in an airport, and I’m trying to find, maybe I printed out a project plan, or maybe I made some notes in my book. So I’m trying to get to a plane or my flight on time. But don’t you wish there was an app for that? I know I did. So I told my team. So, the team at has been really busy at work. So I want to unveil to you today that there is an app for that.

So, if you go to your app store, you can find the app, With that app – I happen to have an iPhone – so you can pull up your app on your iPhone and actually pull up information on your projects, your task, your messages, and activity. Isn’t that cool?

That helps me keep social, mobile, and global. I can socialize between the members of my team. They can update their task and all the information. It keeps me mobile. It keeps me going from point A to point B, for me in particular, planes, trains, and automobiles, and it enables me to remain global to get to destinations and communicate with my team, globally.

If you’re searching for better answers to the questions when you’re trying to get from point A to point B, and you need some tips, tools, and techniques and better yet, you need an app for that, then visit us at

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