3 Ways to Manage Your Projects

Learn the best ways to manage your projects using these 3 practice tips from Jennifer Whitt, PMP.


Hello. My name is Jennifer Whitt, Director of projectmanager.com. Hello. Welcome to our whiteboard session today on The Three Best Ways to Manage Your Project. This is the most common question that I get when people contact me, or people ask on a form out in our projectmanager.com community.

So, people ask, “How can I manage my projects more effectively and more quickly?” So, I think the keyword is to have the tools to organize. Organize your work, and these are the three things that I try to implement that helps me and also the people in our community.

So, number one, share project plans easily. So, number one, you have to have a way to share the plans. In many organizations and many companies we see, there’s no way for people to access different documents, so by allowing people to access the plans real-time and easily, it helps to manage your projects.

Number two, manage teams online, so to be able to have a mechanism for people, team members, to go onto your project plans online so that you can manage their tasks and assign tasks. They can actually complete and report on their status.

Number three is track progress daily. I submit real-time. If you had these mechanisms in place and online, accessible by your team members and they could go in as they complete items, then when you report status to your executives, your shareholders, your stakeholders, they’re able to see what’s happening real-time.

So, those are the three best ways to manage your projects. Many people say,

“Well, how do I do that? What things do I need in place to be able to do that?” We think there are six tools that you must have in order to manage your projects better. Number one, your dashboard, you must have a dashboard for you to be able to assess the health of your project – Is it on track?

Is it off track? Are there red, yellow, green statuses? And being able to have your team members to be able to see the status of the project too.

Number two, a project planner, you must have some tool in place to be able to plan your projects, the tasks, the resources, and the timelines, the milestones. Number three, intelligent reporting, not only do you need to see reports of your project, but so do your other team members.

If they have work contingent upon someone else completing theirs, they need to know how the other person or the other organization that they’re waiting on, how they’re coming. They need to know if something is going to be late, so they can plan accordingly, and also for your executives and your stakeholders, too.

Number four is a way to manage your teams, so you need some way, again, to manage your resources. How have you managed their workload? Have you overloaded their work? Maybe they’re not getting things done because they’re overloaded. Or maybe they have projects that are overlapping so therefore, they’re not getting things. So, by having a tool, you can be able to see how you have your resources allocated.

Number five, tracking results, having a tool in place to track results of tasks, of people, of resources, of assets, of your budget. Number six, a way to collaborate online, so again, many team members, even if they’re in the same building. They may be on a different floor. If they’re in the same city, they may be in different buildings. Of course we have people working on projects in different cities, and now internationally.

So, being able to access documents and collaborate, and talk about documents, get feedback in real-time, having a way to have a discussion group. Like some of the social media channels have ways to have discussion groups, so to have these type tools available for your projects.

So, people say, “Well, that’s great. How do I even do that,” because people are struggling for tools. I say, I like to make my life easier, so there’s actually software available now that can do all of these things. There’s software that you can purchase that have all six of these tools incorporated so you can deliver these three things and organize your work better, and therefore manage your projects better.

If you need any tips, tools, or techniques, or better yet, software tools, to manage your projects more effectively, come visit us at ProjectManager.com.

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