BioTech Manufacturer Streamlines Its Scheduling for Remote Teams

Getinge is an infection-control manufacturer working primarily in the biopharma, biomedical and healthcare sectors. They’re used to working on million-dollar projects that require precise coordination, and has given them the tools to more effectively and economically achieve these goals.

For three years the company searched for the product that offered the right fit for their needs. Prior to finding, they had an a la carte methodology where the pieces never fit.

With project managers scattered across the country, “the benefits of using is that it brings out team together,” says Fernando Meija, PMP, Project Manager. “The most used feature is the capability of assigning attachments to each individual task you assign to the schedule. It’s very important for us to keep track of that documentation.

“ provides us with that very unique scheduling that helps us coordinate with the construction schedule. Since we juggle several schedules, aids us and gives visibility to others so they can coordinate their schedules as well.”

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“The benefits of using is that it brings out team together. We have project managers from California to New Jersey to Dallas. Every project manager is using”

Fernando Meija, PMP, Project Manager