How the City of St. Charles, MO Manages Municipal Projects

The City of St. Charles, Missouri, is a quaint, historic city located along the Missouri River. While these pastoral river views, where Lewis & Clark launched their famous expeditions and Daniel Boone once lived, are sure to stun visitors, it’s today’s residents who have a new kind of view.

The Department of Public Works in St. Charles, in collaboration with the mayor’s office, shares project status reports with the citizens right on the city website, so they know just how their taxpayer dollars are being spent. They do this with the help of

All kinds of projects cross the desk of Jerry Hurlbert, Director of Public Works for the City of St. Charles. From storm sewer construction to public improvement projects like this one, the team need to be able to reliably share progress in a real-time way. The team share the dashboard and reports from their projects in right on the city website.

Watch the video above to learn more about how the people of St. Charles benefit from

“We wanted a system we could push out to our 50-plus contractors and vendors that we use to assist us with completing our projects. We choose because of its ease of use.”

Kevin Corwin, P.E., PLS, City Engineer, St. Charles, MO