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Our mission as editors is to give you the best place to find the articles, training videos and resources on project management, leadership, productivity, collaboration and other topics that you need to help you work smarter every day.

In the past year, we’ve made a lot of changes to our site, as you may have noticed! We searched out the best experts in project management and leadership to produce new and original content on a broader range of topics. We completely redesigned our website to create a new hub for all things project management. We created new training guides to help you take a deep dive (or refresher course) on project management topics. We’ve created brand new Excel templates to help you jump start your projects.

In short: are constantly looking for ways to make our content better. And now we hope to hear directly from you! Please take a couple minutes to tell us your thoughts and ways we can improve your experience:

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This site is your site, and we hope with your help to make it better than ever.

And how our community has grown, since we first started creating project management training resources to complement our project management software. Did you know you are now part of a community of over 1 million project professionals? From our YouTube channel to our Facebook page to our LinkedIn Group that is over 320,000 members strong, your peers are here reading alongside you.

It’s specifically because of readers like you that we are motivated to produce training videos that have over 7 million views! You have inspired us to expand our coverage to touch on the practical, real-world aspects of project management, beyond the textbook subjects not traditionally part of project management. We have seen the scope of project management grow to respond to the need to know business strategies and have worked to recruit writers who have expertise in this area, and we have sought to cover that trend and others, too.

So, here’s where you have a chance to have your voice heard. We’ve put together a short and easy survey that asks how we can better serve you. It’ll only take a minute or two, but the more of you who participate, the clearer picture we’ll have of what you want and how to deliver it.

The link below will take you to a survey page, which is completely anonymous, and you’ll have the opportunity to answer a number of multiple-choice questions as well as a few longer-form ones if you’re interested. Thank you in advance, and we look forward to further improving our coverage of one of the most dynamic industries out there.


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And on behalf of all the editors and contributors at, thank you for being such loyal readers!


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Finally, if you haven’t tried our award-winning project management software, I encourage you to take a free 30-day trial. Our tool is easier than MS Project and has more features, too. Plus, it’s collaborative so you can share project updates and even the latest blog articles right there with your team!


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