ProjectManager’s Security Features Keep Your Data Safe


ProjectManager has long been an industry favorite for connecting hybrid project management teams and letting them manage their work. In addition to that, we also have a deep commitment to building flexible security functionality.

Recent updates to the software have built upon that promise, and we’re happy to say that ProjectManager is now packed with robust security features that give you more control and flexibility over your work management software than ever before.

Few other hybrid work management solutions in the marketplace give team leaders, project managers and administrators the flexibility they need to manage and report on user activity and project or task changes.

In this blog, we’d like to go over some of the new security features additions we’ve made. For more information on ProjectManager’s security policies, check out our Security Whitepaper!

New Security Role: Global Admin

We’ve heard you: users with the Admin role want more control and access over data associated with their organization’s account. The new Global Admin role gives exactly that—more visibility and control into your data that, previously, was only available to the Account Holder.

This new role has global oversight and unique permissions to configure access and security features in the platform. It’s now the highest level role in the work management software and has the most permissions.

Note that, with this release, any current user with an Account Holder role will become a Global Admin. All editions will see the Global Admin role. For enterprise accounts, Global Admins will be able to access the Audit Log and Account Export.

Role Security Window Improvements

A minor change, but a much requested one: you can now sort users by Role in the Account Security Window, to quickly get a sense of how many users occupy certain roles.

Plus, you can now add team members to roles from this window, as well as change their role. This change makes it easier for you to manage your accounts and see who has access to each role.

Task History

We now give Business Edition users the ability to view a comprehensive history of changes to each task. See what changed, when it was changed and who changed it!

Task history gives team members insight into important project changes, while improving task management, collaboration and increasing efficiency. Task History also makes change management reporting easier. You can see:

  • Task Creation Date
  • Assignee Added / Removed
  • Tag Added / Removed
  • File Added / Downloaded / Deleted
  • Task Description Changed
  • Priority Change

…and so much more.

Project History

Just like Task History, Project History is available for Business Edition accounts.

It functions the same as Task History, too—all you need to do is select Project History in the Project Settings menu.

Once there, you can get a high-level view of everything that’s changed in the project: tasks added, removed or completed, users added to the project, etc. Over twenty project status changes are listed!

Audit Log

Continuing the theme of tracking changes, we’ve also introduced the Audit Log for Enterprise Edition accounts.

The Audit Log can only be accessed by users with Global Admin privileges.

Users can use the Audit Log to track account-level changes, user security events, configuration changes, and administrative actions viewed in a chronological history.

Tracked events include:

  • Edition Change
  • Account Owner Changes
  • Credit Card Changes
  • Successful and Failed Login Attempts
  • Password Changes
  • Timesheet Submissions

…and so much more.

Customizable and Transparent Security Options

The security features outlined above compliment recent updates to the software released in August that include:

Support for single sign-on (SSO) via any SAML 2.0-compliant identity and access provider: That includes Google, Okta, Microsoft and Ping Identity! Unlike other options in the marketplace, ProjectManager makes it easy to enable these settings, and track changes to them in the Audit Log.

Two-factor authentication and greater password control and configurability: Few choices in work management software have the robust password security features available to ProjectManager users. With us, you can set password expiration, restrict previous passwords and determine lockout rules. We take it a step further from secure password policies, and let you take full control of your individual user’s security needs.

Compliance-oriented audit logs and account exports for administrators: The Audit log gives users the ability to track security events, configuration changes and administrative actions on the account level. Whenever anything is changed at your organization, you’ll be able to know exactly what it was and when it occurred.

Try ProjectManager for Yourself and Get These Great Features

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ProjectManager is simple enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough for managers to make data-driven decisions and for businesses to manage projects of all levels of complexity. To try it for yourself, start a free trial of ProjectManager.