Introducing the New ProjectManager Designed for Today’s Hybrid Teams


It’s inevitable. How we work is changing, and we’re all experiencing this shift together. Hybrid work is here to stay, and ProjectManager is here to help your teams deliver timely projects, better manage resources and derive essential data insights needed to be successful.

In this complete reimaging of ProjectManager, you’ll find:

  • A new user interface (UI) that provides 30% more workable area and faster access to key features
  • Personalized, data-rich views
  • Guest licenses
  • Zoom integration
  • And so much more

ProjectManager is the only tool that has the flexibility and powerful data insights to keep everyone working together in this new environment.

What prompted these changes? We believe these updates will further simplify the transition into this new work landscape, one that we’re experiencing together. As hybrid teams continue to grow, we all require solutions that enhance productivity and accelerate work regardless of team members’ locations, preferred work styles or unique roles.

Reimagined Collaborative Work Management to Navigate the Future of Work

This ProjectManager update is designed to support hybrid work management in three unique ways:

  1. One goal, unlimited ways to work: ProjectManager’s new UI provides an engaging, intuitive experience for users whether they prefer a Gantt chart, spreadsheet view, Kanban board or a simple task list. Take advantage of our new dark mode feature as well.
  2. Collaborative to the core: ProjectManager’s upcoming Zoom integration adds a powerful dimension to in-product collaboration.
  3. Powerful yet cost-effective: ProjectManager’s new guest licenses allow for a wider group of stakeholders to leverage ProjectManager for progress and data updates at no additional cost.

New Data-Centric Home View for Fast Project Insights

The new look and functionality of ProjectManager represents a shift to a more data-centric experience for our users, as you now have even more ways to get the insights you need. When you log into your ProjectManager account, you’ll see a role-based Home page that gives each team member access to unique data and insights. Straightforward data access makes it easy to pinpoint roadblocks, determine what resources are under or over-utilized and help deliver timely, on-budget projects.

Data insights that were once buried or more difficult to locate are now easily accessible and visible on the Home page. Maybe you’re an IT PMO director and require access to day-to-day data, or a a CIO responsible for an entire organization. Regardless, you’ll get the functionality and data you need through ProjectManager.

ProjectManager's personal task lists

Free Guest Licenses to Reach More Project Stakeholders

One core tenet of hybrid work management is the idea that all team roles require a single project reference point. Some team members may not require full system access to complete tasks or log time, but they still need access to the status, progress and results of the project. To accommodate this reality, ProjectManager’s April release includes guest licenses, which provide read-only access to project and portfolio data.

  • Business edition users will get 5 additional guest licenses at no extra cost
  • Enterprise edition users will get unlimited guest licenses, again at no extra cost

By taking advantage of guest licenses, users ensure that all relevant groups have the access to project data that they need.

Coming Soon: A New Zoom Integration To Keep You Connected!

Many companies rely on Zoom to stay connected with one another. Later this month, ProjectManager will make it so you won’t have to keep track of projects and tasks in one location and host meetings in another. That’s right; soon, teams can schedule, launch and get notified about Zoom meetings directly from the ProjectManager platform. This integration will help to accelerate project delivery and ensure that there are no barriers to productive collaboration.


This Is Just the Start of What’s to Come!

ProjectManager is reimagining the future of work. We’re here to help you and your hybrid team find success in this evolving landscape. Make sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for additional updates to further support hybrid teams.

If you have any questions about our new features, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also explore other plans or upgrade at