Project Apps: The Best Features for Teams

Remember the days when you managed a project behind a desk, never leaving the four walls of your office, and if you were lucky you had a window that looked out over the parking lot? Yeah, neither do we.

Project management has always been a mobile profession, moving from job sites to office cubes to meetings with teams, vendors, contractors, stakeholders, sponsors and customers. But as technology advances, those geographical obstacles have become less of a challenge.

With a project app you’re virtually a part of every aspect of the project, regardless of where it might be or even when it might be.  You now have your office online and in your hand, and whether you’re in the field or at lunch, when needed you’re there.

Same goes for your teams. So, when you’re choosing a new project management app, it’s important to get the right features to support the whole team, wherever they may roam.  For the purposes of this article, we’ll use our tool as an example. is an online software that can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. This way, teams can access their projects and tasks on any device, no matter where they are. But that’s just the start. Look for all these features when choosing project apps:

reasons to use mobile project management

Mobile Project Management

It’s true. You can manage your project in the palm of your hand. Not merely get notifications or chat with team members, but have access to the full suite of features offered by your project management apps.

Whether that’s managing your personal tasks, or your team’s tasks, or even resource management, it’s all just a click away when your PM tool has a dedicated mobile app. You can even create a new project, start adding tasks and deadlines. Then invite the team and begin to collaborate in real-time.

When you’re at your office, you can monitor the project’s progress and manage your team from your desktop. Because the project app is cloud-based, it can also be accessed via a phone or tablet. Best of all, when you work from desktop to mobile device, any changes you make are reflected across all platforms. You don’t have to worry about working from old data or overwriting something. Now your team’s office is wherever you need it to be.

Task Management

It’s easier than ever for you and your team to stay on top of their tasks, no matter if they’re on site or in the field. Task updates on mobile apps or online, are populated throughout the system in real time.

If you update a task, say change the due date, that information is immediately reflected on the schedule and is updated everywhere throughout the system, so anyone who has been invited to that project is going to get that information when they log on. This includes reports and timesheets, where the hourly task progress and time recorded needs to be done up-to-the-minute.

Better still, you can set up notifications to alert the team of any changes to tasks. There’s no reason to ever be out of the loop again or bug someone about how long they have left to do that task. With project task management, you always know if your team is on track.


A lot of project management apps give lip service to collaboration. But it’s one thing to throw around some buzzwords and another to have a software that really creates a collaborative environment. Because the project app is available online and on both major mobile operating systems, there’s no reason why everyone can’t participate, whatever type of device they use.

Not only are teams able to see the status of any task and get notified immediately when it is updated, but they can communicate at the task level. This gives team members a forum in which to solve problems in real-time, as well as attached files or images or whatever else that might help in brain storming an idea.

There is also a chat channel where groups can be created to stay updated and share information on what they’re working on together. If they want to take it off-line, to discuss something that the whole group need not be bother with or are not privy to, there is also the option of start a private conversation. This channel can also attach files, so you have an archive of the discussion to return to during this or future projects.

To collaborate, you must have people to collaborate with. Whether they’re in the field, with clients or in the office, you need to be able to add them to a new project or task, you might even have to add a new team member. With mobile project management you can chat, communicate and collaborate easily and anywhere.


Your team is likely not only using our project app, but many other desktop and mobile applications, too. Most team members, at a minimum, use calendar or email or chat apps. Some more advanced users might be using Microsoft project or a custom CRM. It’s important to consider all the tools your team is using, when selecting your next project management app.

With many of the other popular app integrations you use are seamlessly integrated into our software. We’re fully compatible with MS Office files and offer seamless data round-tripping with MS Project. We’ve also partnered with Zapier, which has over 400 integrations, to give you easy access to productivity tools.

Benefits of Project Management Apps

Of course, trading in your clunky server-based project management software or Excel, if you’re currently managing projects that way, comes with some complexity. But it’s important to consider the benefits. Primarily, you’re moving your team and projects online, which has many other advantages. Everything you’re working on lives in the cloud, and therefore it’s not locked up in someone’s office who’s on vacation or out sick. You don’t have to request it and wait for someone to send the document to you. It’s all there, and accessible when you need it.

Then there’s the not too shabby financial and time investment. Many desktop applications cost a lot of money, and then they’re difficult to install. Worse, once you put in all that time and money, now you must learn how to use the software. Online and mobile project management apps are intuitive. Your team is already online and used to mobile devices and will get up to speed quickly. Not to mention the money you’ll save on maintenance.

Some might feel that an online project management app is going to put holes in their security. It’s a legitimate concern, but one that is not based on facts. That’s because it’s far more likely that your own server is going to get hacked or go down losing your data forever. When it’s in the cloud, you have backup and an organization that is dedicated solely to maintaining its safety. So if you lose or damage your device, your data remains untouched. has all the tools you need to plan, monitor and report on your project. Because our software is online and mobile, you view the project’s progress in real-time and on any device you happen to be using. See how it can help you and your team run your projects more productively by trying it out free with this 30-day trial.

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