Product Update: Massive Redesign to “Overview Projects” Page, Notifications and More!

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Overview Projects: Powerful Project Reporting at-a-Glance

Simple yet powerful project and portfolio management is at the core of what we do, and with this new release, gaining insight into your project performance has never been more customizable.

We have massively redesigned the Overview Projects page into a powerful portfolio and reporting tool for you and your team. Now, the Overview Projects page not only provides a high-level view of all projects, but also includes new mini-dashboards, new data fields and exporting capabilities that allow you to gain valuable insights.

A screenshot of's new Overview Projects interface. Users can view all of their projects, with key metrics, on a single screen.
The new Overview Projects view is a powerful, high-level view of all of your projects.

Customize Your View and Make Actionable Decisions

The Overview Projects page is not only a list of all your projects, but also a source of valuable insights at-a-glance. With mini-dashboards offering important metrics such as progress, budget and costs, it’s now much easier to spot projects that may be slipping or costing too much.

We have also added new import and export options, along with filters, to the Overview Projects page to give you even more reporting power than ever before. You can now import and export your data from the Overview Projects page. You can also easily filter and sort the page, star your favorites and even filter by those favorites. Any column on the page is easily sorted, so you can quickly group projects by budget, status and more.

Our intuitive filter and sort functionality makes it even easier to quickly see the important information. We’ve added more text fields, so you can see important updates all in one place. You can also now make changes to your projects directly on the Overview Projects page, so you can view and adjust as needed.

Group Dashboards for More Power in Reporting

Project Groups give you even more options for organizing your portfolio. Project Groups allow you to create and move projects to folders, but with additional functionality—like being able to filter by group on the Portfolio Dashboard.

A screenshot of's new Overview Dashboard interface. Users can view key metrics of all of their projects, including health, tasks, progress, time, cost and workload.
Filter your projects by group on the Overview Dashboard, then easily identify your key metrics.

Project Groups are completely flexible, so you can, for example, create groups by department, country or timeline. Once the group is selected, you’ll only see the projects that are relevant to you. Project Groups give you more options to view your portfolio in powerful ways, and lets teams work even more seamlessly.

More Power to Export

We have introduced new, powerful import and exports options in this release. In addition to the new export function on the Overview Projects page, we also added more power to the Project Export function for a powerful customizable portfolio report of your projects.

More MPP Compatibility

You can now export into a MPP file format along with Excel, CSV and XML. This feature offers you even more compatibility with Microsoft Project. With these new file types to export, you can flexibly manage your project data in other tools.

New Export for Timesheets

For teams looking to do more with their timesheet data, you can now export your Timesheets from anywhere in the software. From the Global Plus menu, you can now export project or timesheet data in just a couple clicks. This allows you to easily import your data into another tool, or offline for archival purposes.

New Notifications Offer Maximum Visibility

Never miss an important update on your tasks or your projects with our new Notifications feature. Notifications are a running digest of information from your projects that are shown to you in-product as you work, or the next time you login. Team members will automatically be notified of any important changes to tasks, like an update to progress or a change in priority level. Project managers are now able to track changes as they occur in real time.

A screenshot of the new notifications tab in, showing alerts of changes to your projects.

Plus, it’s fully customizable. You have the ability to tailor the notifications that you receive based on your preferences—such as only receiving notifications on changes to tasks you created or were assigned to you, or on the alerts that most interest you. Easily mark items as read with one click, or keep the ones you want to save as a reminder for further action.

You no longer have to weed through emails to find out what happened in your project since the last time you logged in, but we definitely recommend combining this feature with email alerts for maximum visibility.

Emojis and Avatars: Just for Fun!

Team members can now use an emoji when commenting or responding to an existing comment. A quick “👍” emoji lets everyone know you are all on the same page!

A screenshot of the software, showing the task interface and the new emoji option for adding comments.A screenshot of a comment on a task, saying "Do you have an update?" with a rocket emoji.

Customers can also now choose their own avatar and change it anytime you wish without uploading a photo. We have over 40 avatars to choose from!

Once selected, your avatar will appear throughout the software, so your team can visually see task assignees, as opposed to just a name. We hope that avatars will aid with visualization throughout the tool and make the software a bit more interactive.

A screenshot showing the new avatars in Multiple avatars with varying hair and clothes are available to choose.
We now have over 40 default avatars for members to choose from. Get stylish!

If you are a current user, you will be able to see these new features the next time you login. If you are not a current customer and would like to see how can help, go here to start your 30-day-free trial.

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