Sneak Peak: New Year, New Design for


We are excited to share our brand new design for We’ve been very busy this year updating the design and experience in the product for all our customers. We’ve made major upgrades to the design, based directly on customer feedback, as well as adding a host of new features to make our software more accessible and intuitive to use for anyone in your organization.

For all of our existing users, we’ve created a sneak peek inside of the app so you can experience the new design, but easily revert back to the original interface at the click of a button. We’ll be swapping over to the new interface in a few weeks, but we wanted to give you the chance to try it on for size and onboard your team with the change.

Rest assured, we haven’t taken away any features. We still offer the most complete and powerful online project management software for all our users. Our updates are intended to provide better access for you and your entire team.

Here’s a look at what’s new.

New Look & Feel

Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words, so we’ve assembled a few screenshots of our new product. We’re really excited about our end-to-end product re-design, from every aspect of our features and new icons. Everything is modern, bright and fun to use for everyone on the team. We hope you like it, too.

Fresh, New Dashboard Charts

Fun and easy to read for anyone. These real-time dashboard charts redefine project reporting.

Updated Gantt Chart

Our award-winning Gantt Chart is still the perfect project performance engine. All of our robust planning, scheduling and task management features remain. We’ve only added a streamlined way to access the Gantt tools in the Gantt toolbar, and improved the readability of the Gantt chart itself.

Collaboration Improvements

Our Activity page improvements have made it easier (and more fun) for your team to collaborate. Plus, we’ve improved our image rendering so beautiful, crisp images are always available in your feed when your team shares their work.

And so much more….

Check back in to see more screenshots and get more updates. If you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is here from 8am – 5pm US Central Time to answer any of your questions and to hear your feedback. Just drop them a line at: [email protected]



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