Creator Spotlight: Neblio Co-Founder Eddy Smith


The Creator Spotlight series features interviews with founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders who create change in their industries. Each “Creator” answers the same 11 rapid-fire questions, giving us answers that tap into the strategies and motivations behind their success.

interview with eddy smith of neblioIn this Creator Spotlight we chatted with Eddy Smith, the co-founder and lead developer of Neblio, a company that builds blockchain technology for enterprise organizations. Neblio aims to simplify adoption of the blockchain by making their technology easy to implement, even by companies with no formal blockchain expertise. Neblio allows companies of any size to issue their own cryptocurrency or token on the Neblio blockchain with just a few clicks.

The company has emerged as an industry leader during the cryptocurrency boom and is known for their hardworking team and rapid rise to prominence. We chatted with Eddy Smith to see what we could learn from Neblio’s recent success:

What’s One Thing You’ve Achieved That You Thought Would Never Be Possible?

As a developer, the dream has always been to come up with an idea that will change an industry, and then build the technology and solutions that make that idea possible. I’m privileged to wake up every day and lead a high-performing development team that is making that dream a reality.

What Does Work / Life Balance Mean to You?

For me, work / life balance starts with finding purposeful work, as truly purposeful work is not work at all. We are all naturally driven by work that we truly believe will transform an industry or the lives of others for the better. When work is truly meaningful, it is enjoyable and the lines between work and the rest of life begin to blur, resulting in a true passion for the “work” you get up every day to do.

3 Books That Have Helped You the Most in Business:

  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins

What’s the Most Challenging Project You’ve Ever Worked on in Your Career, and What Was the Outcome?

Neblio is by far the most challenging and ambitious project I have ever been a part of. While there is, and likely always will be more work to be done, the outcome so far has been extremely positive and has exceeded all initial expectations.

True or False: “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

Absolutely true.

What’s the Most Important Failure You’ve Experienced, and How Did It Contribute to Your Future Success?

Several times in my career, in a prior life, unrealistic expectations and unrealistic schedules have doomed truly innovative technology projects. Setting a reasonable and realistic schedule and proper communication to ensure accurate expectations should be the first priority when starting any project.

In Only 3 Words, Sum up Your Professional Career:

Short. Fulfilling. Successful.

What Do You Do When You’re Feeling Unmotivated or Stuck?

Typically a short walk helps me clear my mind so that I can come back and approach a problem from a new angle to find a solution.

What’s Your Favorite Technique to Motivate Others?

Leading by example. Others respond best when they know you’re in the trenches with them, working just as much and as hard as they are.

What’s the One Piece of Advice You’d Give Entrepreneurs Who Look up to Your Success?

Success is iterative. Never settle. There are no breaks. There is no “making it” and being finished. You must always be looking to take that next step that will lead to future success.

What’s Something You’re Working on Currently That You’re Excited About?

Helping to drive the adoption of the technology we have built, and getting feedback from users, and potential users, that will translate directly to features and changes in future product versions is a highly exciting (and rewarding) time.

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