The 7 Best Blog Posts on Office Culture in 2018

Office culture is the set of standards you’re expected to hold when you walk into a work space. They are certainly not consistent, nor are they set in stone. Office culture at one time meant a suit and a tie or an equally formal attire for women. Then came business casual. Now, at some places of business, you’ll look out of place if you’re not in shorts and a T-shirt.

More seriously, issues of tolerance and discrimination are also part of office culture. It can be difficult to figure out office culture, especially as it’s no longer one-size-fits-all. But we tried to give you a compass to help you navigate these changing waters throughout the year on our blog.

As the year ends, let’s look back at some of the best posts published on office culture, both on our site and others.

best office culture blogs 2018

Best Blog Posts on Office Culture from

We’ve written about office culture from many different angles, as the subject is large and encompasses different aspects of what it means to be in a work environment.

20 Icebreaker Games to Make Your Next Meeting Fun

Office culture is just a fancy way of saying how to get along with the people in your place of work. That means how the management expects you to act as a representative of the company, but also how you interact with your coworkers.

Not every business has an orientation or written guidelines to help you. But they should. If they don’t, however, you can suggest something along the lines of an icebreaker game. That is, a structured and fun way to get to know your coworkers.

This is a way to test the waters, so to speak, without feeling that you can make a mistake that will forever brand you as an outsider. Icebreaker games are a great tool to learn what is and isn’t acceptable in your office. Pick one or more of these 20 icebreakers and let the games begin!

Teamwork Quotes: The 25 Best Quotes About Working Together

Office culture isn’t a draconian attempt to crush your spirit and have you walk in line with the rest of the employees. It’s really about leveling the playing field, so everyone knows what acceptable boundaries are and when they’re pushing beyond them.

Therefore, what office culture is trying to do is facilitate teamwork. The better you respect who you work for and with, the better you’ll all work together. Because you do have a common goal. That’s why we gathered the best quotes we could find on teamwork, from notable people in the arts, academia and enterprise.

You might be surprised at what some of them have to say, but you’ll certainly learn that teamwork is about cooperation. It’s a collective action and for that to be successful there must be clear lines about what is and isn’t acceptable in the office culture.

How to Negotiate in the Workplace: A Practical Guide

The thing about office culture is it isn’t always fair, or it might not seem that way. This will lead to conflict. You can’t avoid conflict in a competitive business setting, but you can work towards resolving it in a positive rather than negative way.

You can think of office culture as a bar that you can go over or under. It is what’s expected of you, but it’s often open to interpretation. So, how do you work around what you feel to be an unfair expectation or burden placed on you in the office? Negotiate.

Yes, you can push back to a degree if you do so respectfully and you accept the outcome, even if it isn’t in your favor. Negotiations get the practical treatment in the guide we published in the fall. Read it and learn what you can do to stand up for yourself if you feel you’re not being treated as you should be.

How to Be Happy at Work (Happier, at Least)

Whether you’re a good negotiator or not, however you fit in with the office culture or don’t, you’re there to work. But you don’t want to be miserable, either. Can you be happy at work?

Yes, to a degree, and depending on how you define happiness. You don’t want endless happiness. That’s unrealistic, and it’d get boring. You need to have a balance. It’s possible. In a sense, whatever the office culture is at your place of work, it’s irrelevant. It’s up to you to become the architect of your own happiness.

Okay, we’ll help. Last summer we offered you a ray of light with some advice on how to be happier at work. Read on to learn more, but basically you need to build community, find meaning in what you do and take responsibility. You’re welcome.

How to Make a Good Impression on Your New Boss

Office culture leads from the top down, but it’s also supported from the bottom up. That means you have to reflect the ethics of your workplace, but your boss must be a model by who you can emulate.

But what if there’s a new boss? That will take a longer learning curve. But as you discover who your boss is and what kind of leadership they provide, it’s up to you to make a good impression. How do you do that?

Glad you asked, because we published a whole article on what to do to impress your new boss. There’s the obvious, such as do your job, to the less so, which is learning how your boss communicates. Read on to learn what else you can do to stand out when a new boss takes over the company reigns.

Best Blog Posts on Office Culture from Around the Web

We’re always looking for new ideas and perspectives, so we’re lucky there are so many great blogs out there to read about subjects like office culture. Here are a couple posts we really liked from other sites.

Creating a Positive Office Culture in Your Business

What if the office culture isn’t great, but you are stuck there? Well, according to Jessica Abo, excerpted on Entrepreneur, from her book Unfiltered: How to Be as Happy as You Look on Social Media, kindness helps. It can be the glue that holds together a confident and constructive work environment.

She writes that a belief in a generational wealth is a way to create value for stakeholders and everyone in the organization. To foster that there needs to be an open environment where everyone’s talents are shared and acknowledged.

One way to impact the office culture is as a leader who can hire those passionate employees, like a rising tide lifting all ships. But if you can’t do that, then just go out of your way to take care of those you work with. Read on to learn more about how a positive attitude creates a positive office culture.

How to Disconnect from “Always On” Work Culture

Another hurdle to clear is an office culture that is “always on,” meaning that you’re constantly on call, expected to answer your cell or email or text no matter the time of day or even if you’re on vacation. That understandably can lead to burn out.

The Wall Street Journal has a great post on just such a dilemma, which is probably one their readership can very much relate to. Though not exclusively a newspaper that focuses on the financial world, it’s readers are most steeped in the art of making money, which might be the most stressful of all careers.

But anyone, in any profession, can learn a lot about how to set boundaries and make sure there’s a life-work balance to your job, so you don’t fall apart.

The culture at your office might align with your person ethics or not. But one thing that anyone can appreciate is the right tool for the job. is a cloud-based project management software that delivers data in real-time. Any office culture has got to love that. Find out what it can do for you by taking this free 30-day trial.


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