Best Work Management Software of 2021 for Teams

Work management software ties information, business processes and human resources and allows everything to work in sync. The little shortcuts add up to big savings, and companies both large and small are looking to adopt. But which one is right for you?

Let’s look at the work management tools and see how they do what they do. We hope this list will help you decide which software is best for you and your organization!

2021 Best Work Management Software Rankings

Let’s take a look at some of the best work management software available today.

projectmanager logo, a team management software1. ProjectManager

ProjectManager is the best all-around work management tool that we’ve reviewed. Like every choice on this list, ProjectManager is a cloud-based platform, which leads to quicker responses and more insightful decision-making from your team. ProjectManager’s project management features can help teams navigate through the entire work management journey, from project planning to monitoring and reporting.

Project Planning Features

When it comes to planning, ProjectManager just edges out the competition with a fully-featured Gantt chart. With it, you can plan collaboratively, organize tasks, make assignments, link dependencies and set milestones and priorities. What sets it apart from other similar Gantt chart tools on this list is that you can filter for the critical path and set baselines.

A screenshot of the work management Gantt chart in ProjectManager

Multiple Ways to Work

Another aspect of ProjectManager that differentiates it from most project management tools is that there are multiple project views. When companies adopt work management software, they’re looking to involve the entire organization—and each department has a different way of working. With ProjectManager, teams can choose the project management tool that’s right for them—whether that’s a Gantt chart, kanban board, a task list, or a calendar view. Best of all, task progress in one view is calculated in each view, so the entire team is on the same page no matter which work view they choose.

A screenshot of the work management kanban board in ProjectManager

Powerful Team Collaboration Features

Team collaboration is key to modern enterprises. Because ProjectManager is online, teams are always connected, whether they’re in-office or working remotely. Team members can attach files to tasks, add comments, and change the status of the task. When a task’s status is updated, users gets email and in-app notifications. ProjectManager’s task management and team collaboration tools help teams work together.

A screenshot of ProjectManager's project management software notification chart, which displays recent notifications on task status updates

User Friendly Resource Management Features

ProjectManager offers resource management tools for team management that provides transparency and automates tasks to keep everyone working efficiently. An example of these resource management features is the color-coded workload chart, which shows the current workload of your team. If someone is over-or-under allocated, you can re-allocate their work right from that page.

workload chart from ProjectManager for managing work

Real-time Task Management

Finally, ProjectManager has great task management and time tracking capabilities. While other offerings on this list require you to configure a dashboard (if they even have one), ProjectManager’s dashboard begins working immediately, delivering real-time data on time, tasks and more. For deeper dives into data, one-click reports offer information on project and portfolio status.

real-time dashboard from ProjectManager showing work management data

asana logo, a team management software2. Asana

Asana focuses on team collaboration as a means to deliver greater work efficiency. It’s a flexible and fast project management software with a modern-looking design that will appeal to many team’s aesthetic preferences. Asana offers a free plan, as do most on this list, but Asana’s free version is a bit more robust in terms of features.

While Asana comes with a timeline, it’s not a Gantt chart, and doesn’t have the functionality project managers would expect from one. It’s a bit high priced and complicated, though with some work you can clear that second hurdle. What’s less easy to swallow is the lack of reports, or any portfolio dashboard.

3. ClickUpClickUp logo

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management software that prides itself on work productivity. It can help with process and time management, while not neglecting the importance of team collaboration and reporting features. There’s a dashboard that can show different perspectives on the project.

There are a lot more features than some options on this list, but they are not elegantly embedded in the software. This can make for some confusion and a steep learning curve. While ClickUp offers a lot of customization, this often impacts the software’s ability to run smoothly.

4. SmartsheetSmartsheet logo

Smartsheet is made for collaborative business management. It’s like an customizable Excel sheet. Unlike some of the other project management software we reviewed, there are more features outside of just the spreadsheet, too. You can use a Gantt chart, track on dashboards and make reports.

What Smartsheet doesn’t have is timesheets or strong budgeting features. Smartsheet can track time, do budgeting and resource management, but only with third-party software for an added expense.

5. FunctionFoxFunctionFox logo

FunctionFox is a timesheet and work management software, mostly used by smaller creative companies. It creates efficiency by reducing admin time and improving workflow. There are reporting features, a strong interface and team members can clock in on multiple tasks at once.

However, there is no view of elapsed time. There are no time tracking reports for clocking in and out. And it’s relatively expensive compared to many of the other options we explored. That’s a lot of deficits for a work management tool that is also hard to learn.

6. Zoho ProjectsZoho logo

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based work management software that helps with project planning, task tracking and team collaboration. Unlike some of the other tools, this one is relatively easy to set up, navigate, and configure. The time tracking tools, though, are the selling point.

What might stop you from buying is the fact you don’t get multiple project planning views, reports or a portfolio dashboard, which comes in handy if you’re working with multiple projects at the same time. There is a resource management feature, but it’s not very developed.

ProjectManager is award-winning project management software that organizes work to increase efficiency and boost productivity. It streamlines your processes, connects everyone in your organization and monitors and tracks progress and performance as it occurs. From Gantt charts to timesheets, you want it all and ProjectManager delivers. Try ProjectManager for free today.

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