24 Add-Ons to Help You Increase Productivity


You’re online most of the working day, flicking through tabs and launching apps to get your work done. Sometimes it feels like all you do is manage the apps that manage your work.

Is there an easier way?

If you’re not already a devotee of add-ons (aka browser extensions) already, you might be missing out. Most browsers—Chrome, Safari, Foxfire, Edge, etc.—have add-ons; helpful widgets that add or streamlines specific features of programs you’re using. Some extensions are regularly promoted by the apps you use, whereas others can be found by searching the browsers extension stores. Bottom line: add-ons can help save time and sanity if you use the right ones. 

Here are 23 add-ons that can help you improve your productivity today.


Slack: This popular collaborative app is even more handy when used for team communications through Chrome. There are also lots of third-party apps to further enhance its usefulness, with extensions that add emoji tools, bot filters, issue tracking and notification helpers.



Dropbox: If you’re working online, then you’re probably sharing your documents to a cloud server and file storage service. Dropbox offers an easy-to-use Chrome app to manage those files within the browser. There’s even a Gmail extension where you can do that without leaving your mail application.


boomerang for gmail-logo

Boomerang: Not only does this app allow you to schedule your Gmails, there’s a Boomerang Calendar, which is a smart calendar assistant extension that adds meetings, shares availability and other important dates to your calendar with a single email.


zapierZapier: With this app all your most-used apps and automated task are connected for faster access. Without having to leave your browser, you can automate workflow right from your browser’s toolbar. It’s great for myriad tasks, such as starting a timer, creating a project, sending a message, running a meeting, incrementing a counter or any other repetitive task that can be easily removed from the forefront of you mind. Either push a button and start the integration or add a text message to it.


Checker: This extension helps with your productivity and your pocketbook, seeing as it’s free. It’s a favorite app, too, because of the easy way it allows multiple Google users to gain access to a fast dropdown menu in Chrome, which provides many business features, all within your browser.


OneTabOneTab: You know that the more tabs you keep open on your browser, the worse your online experience becomes. It’s too much for the computer and it feels the strain. This amp helps by converting all your tabs into a list. If you need to access something on that list, you can either restore the tab individually or all at once. This can save up to 95% of your computer’s memory, which will help it run faster.


Avast-logo1Avast: This company bills itself as “security your company can afford,” and nowadays with so much work done online your company cannot afford not having a secure network on which to do its business. Available for consumer and business clients, it’s extension gathers phishing data and warns and rates sites you visit, creating a “SafeZone” for highly sensitive viewing.


Feedly-Logo-300x300Feedly:  Here is a great way to aggregate your news feed. It’s available for a variety of web browsers and mobile devices running either iOS or Android. Also available as a cloud-based service, it compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources that can be customized as you need and shared with others. It’s a great way to stay updated with industry news and blogs, like ours. 



LastPass: If you’re always forgetting the many passwords you use or, worse, copying them onto paper or easily hacked sites to remember, then this is the plugin for you. All you need to set to memory is you LastPass password and the extension saves all your usernames and passwords for easy access.



Lookout: Here is a great way to keep track of all you mobile devices. Consider it an assistant to note where all the devices you work with are located. The app works with any mobile device that has the Lookout security and geolocates it, and you can wipe or lock the device remotely, as well as view the backup files.


evernote-logoEvernote Web Clipper:  This simple extension works with your web browser to easily allow you to capture a full-page article, images online and selected text, important emails as well as any web page that you want to save and share with colleagues. The amp then saves the data forever, so if you come across something you need to know while in the heat of a project, you can always return to it when you have time. 



ClickMeeting: Sometimes an email or text just won’t do, but with more and more teams working remotely, and even internationally, how do you get face time? This videoconferencing service has an extension so you can meet online on your browser. You can also schedule meetings through Google Calendar.



RingCentral: Another videoconferencing service that has great extensions and allows computer-based calling directly from Gmail, also gives you the ability to invite up to 1,000 participants to Google Hangouts, schedule meetings and conference calls from the Google Calendar and works with Office 365, for those on that platform.



Skype: The old standard may not be a hip choice, but with its Chrome app, there’s quick access from the web and a “Share on Skype” function that is very helpful. Also, the company has been working to make itself increasingly relevant with multimedia, so don’t count it out just yet.


Pocket_AppIcon_114Pocket: Another bookmarking tool that you can access easily from your browser, it collects interesting articles, videos and more from the web that you can take advantage of later for yourself as with your team. Once something is saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible across your many digital platforms, so you can see it when and where you want or have time. It’s available on most browsers.



Any.do: A great way to keep important information collected. It seamlessly syncs across devices, easily shares lists and tasks, has a drag-and-drop functionality for ease of use. And you can attach notes, files or add sub-tasks. There’s even a search and reminders.


WunderlistWunderlist: Another digital to-do list app can help you share everything from your grocery list to project tasks. This app also syncs with your other mobile devices and computer, so you can access your lists anywhere, including the web browser.


TrelloTrello: This app uses a list of lists, filled with cards, that can be used by you and your team. It helps organize projects of any size, and the cards when opened can have comments added, upload file attachments, create checklists, add label and due dates, etc. If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is basically KanBan, which is a great way for you to manage a project.

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    Right Inbox : More than 250,000 professionals use Right Inbox every day to increase their email productivity. Right Inbox allows you to schedule emails to be sent later, set email reminders so you don’t lose track of important conversations and save yourself some time with the recurring emails feature.



Gmail Offline: You live and die by your Gmail, but the application only works when you’re online. What about those times when you’re not on a network or remotely working somewhere off the grid, or there’s just an outage and you need to work? This beta app provides offline access, allowing you to read, respond, search and archive without being tethered to a network. When you’re back online the app synchronizes messages.



Pushbullet: This app is a great way to get files, links and other data from your computer to your mobile devices. It works the other way around, too, of course, and uses Chrome’s notifications to let you know it’s arrived. It also replies to messages from popular apps, such as WhatsApp, Kik and Facebook Messager. One caveat, it’s only for Android.



SecureGmail: Another security device, but for your messages. It’s easy to use, just one click, and the email you’re about to send off into the wild, wild web is encrypted. It also decrypts emails. Best of all, the unencrypted text is never seen by Google, which may be just what you need to plug a hole in your security wall.


The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender: Are you one of those web browsers who keeps lots of tabs open either for easy access or to remind yourself to read them later? The problem with this method of remember is that is wastes lots of your browsing resources and can slow you down online, big time. What this app does is automatically suspend the tabs you’re not using so you don’t waste valuable processing power.



ProjectManager.comProjectManager.com has a Chrome browser extension so account holders can easily login to the app with one click. In addition, there are countless other integrations that help extend your project and task work, such as a Gmail task extension, Google Apps integrations, Zapier integration and an open API.


If you’re looking for an overall tool for yourself or your team so you can improve productivity and collaborative online, then give ProjectManager.com a try. It offers real-time project and portfolio management features that integrate easily with all the apps you already use. Start your free 30-day trial today. 

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