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What does it mean to be an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is someone who links their website to ours and earns a sales commission on the resulting sales.

Who is allowed to be an Affiliate?

Potentially anyone with a website can become an Affiliate. You can be from any country and have any type of website, however we retain the right to refuse or revoke Affiliate membership if your website contains objectionable material or content that is unlikely to generate real customers.

Should I become an Affiliate?

Yes! You should become an Affiliate because it's a free program and you'll earn sales commissions from the customers you refer. You will also add value to your own website by offering our high quality products to your existing customers.

How do I apply to become an Affiliate?

You can become an Affiliate by completing our simple application form. Once you're approved we will give you all the tools and information you need.

How much will it cost to join?

It is completely free to join our Affiliate Program online.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

From the minute that a visitor arrives on our site, we start tracking their experience. When they sign up and take a free trial of our software then we record them as your customer if they came from your website in the first place. After their 30 day trial period is complete, we start billing them on a monthly basis. If you have selected the "Instant" Affiliate Program, then you earn 100% of the amount we bill. This is a one-off commission. If the customer then stays with us and we bill them on a recurring basis, and you have selected the "Recurring" Affiliate Program, then you will receive 15% of the amount that we bill the customer, each month, for a total of 12 months. If during that time the customer increases the number of users in their account, and we charge them more, then you earn more - it's that simple.

How do the two Affiliate Programs differ?

We have two different Affiliate Programs to accommodate different Affiliates. If you would prefer to earn 100% of a referred sale then "Instant" is for you. If you prefer to earn more but over a longer period of time then the "Recurring" commission program is for you.

Which is the best Affiliate Program?

If you want to earn the maximum commission upfront for every customer referral then choose the "Instant" option. However if instead you are happy to earn a commission over a longer period of time, with the chance of earning more, then select the "Recurring" option.

How do I get an Instant Commission from my referrals?

We will give you 100% of the first purchase any of your referred visitors make. That's right, we'll give you everything, there is no catch, we value your leads this much that we will give you everything we earn from this first sale.

How do I earn a Recurring Commission?

We will pay you 15% of every purchase made by the customers you refer, for up to 12 months.


How can I create an Affiliate Link to your site?

You can paste the link code onto your website, share the link via Twitter, post it on your Facebook page, email it to a customer or even print it in a brochure - the options are endless.

What is the best way to place links on my website?

The most effective place to add a link is to your site's homepage. In fact the very best return is achieved when a link is at the top of your homepage, or in the top left corner of a secondary page. You can also place links on any page on your website as desired.

What different links can I create?

When you are logged into the Affiliate Dashboard you will be given a link to copy to your website. You can customise which page on our website the link takes you to and whether it appears as a text link or a banner image.

What are the best types of links?

In general, text links on your website work the best. You will have the highest success if you add links that match the design of your own website.

Can I copy content from this site?

No, but we do offer examples of code you can use in the Affiliate Dashbaord.

What happens if I have multiple websites?

You can have multiple websites with multiple links through to our site. You only need one Affiliate Account to do this, just use the same link each time. In this way, you can check your sales commissions in one place and get one commission payment for all of the websites you manage. This also works for multiple Facebook Pages or other social media accounts.

Can I advertise my Affiliate link site using Google Adwords?

Yes, we encourage you to use any form of search engine marketing or social media marketing to earn commissions.


How does Partnership differ from becoming an Affiliate?

Our Affiliate Program lets you earn money by sending customers to our website, our Partnership Program lets you earn money by offering free resources on your own website.

Am I able to be both an Affiliate and a Partner?

Yes. In fact if you sign up for one program you automatically qualify for the other, and both are managed from the same dashboard.

How much money will I earn?

We will pay you for every new user you refer to us. The amount you earn varies from 2c to 10c per email depending on how closely your website is aligned with ours. Our Affiliate Manager will determine an appropriate rate when you apply for an account.

What's in it for me?

You'll collect a database of visitor emails which you can market to (you can access this database at any time from the dashboard). You are also adding value to your website by offering visitors free resources. You also get more Facebook likes and of course you get paid!

How does it benefit my visitors?

Your visitors are offered a free project managment eBook and a free set of project management templates. We only ask customers to connect once so it won't get annoying.

What does get out of this?

We benefit because you are spreading the word about our products. Your referred customers are also subscribed to our project management tips newsletter and can unsubscribe at any time.

What does the code actually do?

The code you add to your website will overlay a small window over your website asking visitors if they would like to download a free project management eBook. They simply click the Connect via Facebook button to access the free download.If they choose to download then they are also offered a free set of project management templates if they also like your page (a single click). We only display this window once so visitors are not annoyed.

What do I need to add to my site?

You will be given a single line of code to add to your website. Most website editing tools will allow you to do this yourself, and it should be as simple as copying and pasting a sentence.

Can I view my referrals online?

You can view your earnings by logging in to your Affiliate Dashboard here. You can also see a real-time database of referred email addresses here.


How can you track my earnings?

All Affiliates are given a unique Affiliate Link. We can then detect which visitors came to our site via your link and track them until they make a sale. When a sale is made it is recorded against your Affiliate Account and your commission is generated.

How/when am I paid?

You need to have a PayPal account to receive Affiliate commissions.

How often will I get paid?

We will calculate your commission at the end of each month and if it is over $50 USD (and your sales have cleared the 60 day credit card period) you will be paid those commissions.

How do I track my commissions online?

In the Affiliate Dashboard you can see all of your sales reports and payments in real time.

What happens with cancellations?

All customers pay one month in advance and this is non-refundable. So even if the customer cancels, commissions already issued will remain.

Can I make a purchase with my own Affiliate Link?

Yes, you can buy with your own link and still receive the usual commission.


What responsibilities do I have as an Affiliate?

As an Affiliate, you are responsible for directing traffic to our site, by adding links from your websites (or social media accounts) to our site. We will take care of everything else.

What are your responsibilities as the manager of this program?

We will be responsible for tracking your referrals, taking product orders, delivering these products to customers, and paying you your commissions. We will also handle customer sales and support enquiries.

What are the terms and conditions?

The full affiliate program terms and conditions can be found here.

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