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Video Transcription

Our goal in putting together the Academy was to build an educational platform where we could share our knowledge and tools to help you with your projects. As we create more content, we will cover more project management related topics as well as provide various tips and tricks to help you be more successful in your job. Ultimately, we’d would like to help make you be the best project managers you can be. Today, we’re going to take a look at and some of its capabilities.

What Makes Unique

Welcome to, a powerful and easy-to-use project management tool that helps you and your team get organized and do amazing things. Our software’s unique hybrid approach to project planning allows every team member to work in a style that suits them. It also supports collaboration across teams who work in different ways. You can easily switch between a Gantt plan and a Kanban board view or a simple prioritizable list for multiple views of the same work.

My Work Space

Let’s take a quick tour around the work space to see an overview of some of the capabilities of our software. On the main navigation menu, you’ll see My Work, Projects and People. If you’ve got a business account, you’ll also see Overview. We’ll start with the My Work space. This is where all tasks assigned to you will show up. They can be managed as a list, Kanban board or calendar format. This lets you plan your own private tasks as well as organize all your work in your own way.

Project Space

The Project space shows all the projects you have access to, which you can manage in different views to suit your working style: list, which is a simple yet powerful task list; Kanban board, which allows you to organize tasks in columns by workflow status or category; and Gantt chart, a planning and scheduling tool that organizes tasks and their dependencies on an interactive timeline. Also in the Project space, you will find a real-time dashboard, for an instant snapshot of your project’s performance, a calendar view, and your project files.

People Space

The People space is where you can manage your team-member accounts, as well as assign people to teams. For business edition customers, Overview gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your projects and data. You can also find a real-time dashboard for all your projects, reports you can customize, a workload management tool that’s color-coded for an easy-to-use view of your team’s availability and task assignments, and a portfolio roadmap, so you can see all your project timelines in one Gantt-style view.

Account Settings

In the upper right corner, your account settings can be adjusted. This is where you can review account settings or password, customize your email alerts, update security settings, define holidays, as well as access the contextual help guide and our support features.

Hopefully this overview was helpful and gave you a quick taste of some of the capabilities has to offer. To learn more about the the software’s features, check out the rest of our course. And, as always, you can try for free when you’re ready to start your next project by signing up for our free 30-day trial.

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