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In today’s class we’ll be covering timesheets and workload in

One of the most powerful features inside of is the Time Tracking functionality. Using Time Tracking will allow you to keep track of actual hours in real-time, helping you deliver under budget.


This is just like a traditional timesheet, where each employee will report the time they spend on any particular project or task. A couple of helpful tools in the timesheet are the Copy Last Week and Auto-Fill functions. Copy Last Week simply adds tasks and hours from the previous week’s timesheet to the current sheet. Clicking the Auto-Fill button will add any tasks which have been assigned to you for this time period, but do not currently have time entered. This will allow you to add that time directly on your timesheet. To add tasks not currently shown, click the Add Tasks button, select a task category, and then check the tasks you want and click Add.

You can also navigate to the task and click Logged, where you will be able to add hours to that task. Hours can also be logged from the Gantt tab, by clicking the Actual Hours column and entering the details. To return to the timesheet, click the clock icon in the main navigation menu. You’ll notice the time we entered using the task and Gantt views has automatically populated into your timesheet.

To add comments or files, hover to the right of the hours entry and click to open the comments panel. This is a great way to communicate details to your timesheet approver. Once your timesheet is completed, click submit for approval, and it will be automatically sent to your approver and locked for editing. If you do not have an approver, you can simply click Save.

Okay, next we’ll shift gears and take a look at the workload section.


The Workload section of is designed to help you see the specific workload of all members of your team, and allows you to correct over-assignment issues.

In the Workload tab, the first button will define the timeframe you are viewing. Next you can define which projects and specific team members workloads are being displayed. On the right, you’ll find a search bar, an export button and the settings icon. In the main panel, team member allocations are shown by date, and can be expanded by clicking to the left of the name column. This reveals allocations at the task level. To reveal tasks for all team members, click the Show Tasks button in the bottom left corner.

To change allocations, click the cell you’d like to change. All tasks assigned to that team member on that day will open in a summary panel. In this panel, tasks can be re-assigned to other team members, which is especially helpful to easily correct over-allocations.

Whether you’re monitoring your workload or giving your users an easy way to log their time, has features that will make your project a success. Try it out by signing up today for a free, 30-day trial.

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