Choose who sees what, using advanced Security features.

Secure Your Projects

When you sign up to, you can choose who has access to the system. When you add each user to the system, you simply list the projects that you want them to have access to. They will only be able to access data for those assigned projects when they login. On their project and portfolio dashboards, they will only see summarized information for those projects. In this way, you can limit who has access to each project securely.

Customize your View

Great systems only have the features you need. They aren't bloated with features that complicate matters. That's why we allow you to turn off features in the system that you don't want to use. For instance, if you don't want to use Timesheets or Track Expense, then you can turn those tabs off for your account. We've worked hard to provide all of the features you could possibly need to manage projects. However we also know that you're only likely to use a subset of them. So the Security page under the main Menu, allows you to turn features on and off as you wish.

Create Multiple Dashboards

Do you manage multiple projects at the same time? By using the group and portfolio Project Dashboards included in this project management software, you can view the progress of hundreds of different projects at the same time. These marvellous online project software features allow you to combine projects into groups and view their performance in a single place. In this way, you can manage projects, programs and portfolios easily.

Here are 5 reasons why we offer you a secure platform to work on:

  • We use 128 bit encryption, so it's as safe as online banking.
  • You're on a separate dedicated hosting platform at Liquidweb.
  • Each customer database is separate from the rest.
  • You can choose who has access to which projects.
  • You can set user security at the finest level.

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