Risks, Issues, Changes

Work wonders using issue, risk and change management software...

Resolve Risks in a Flash

As your team enter new risks, you'll immediately see the results on your project dashboard. It will instantly tell you whether your project has a low, medium or high level of risk. You can assign tasks straight away to minimize the risk incurred. This Risk Management Software can then email you to tell you if those tasks slip to give you a "heads-up" before they impact on your project. Your entire project team can enter new risks as they happen.

Clear your Plate of Issues

To prevent fire-fighting on your project, use this software to implement a simple process for Issue Tracking. As each issue comes up, measure the effect on the project and assign it to a team member to resolve it. Even better - kick off some new tasks to resolve it quickly. Then track those tasks to make sure it's well and truly resolved. Using these unique issue tracking features, you can monitor and resolve issues like a pro.

Implement Changes as You Want

The hardest thing about managing projects is that they change. The road to success is through managing change carefully. Using these Change Management Software features, you can review each change based on its merits. Add new change requests at the click of a button. Then rank the priority of each change, so you can focus on those which are most pressing. Assign change requests to your team, so they can be carefully implemented. Then review the progress of each change to make sure the project is still on track.

These features allow you to control the unexpected items that occur during the project. Because it's impossible to predict everything from the outset, these issue tracking and project risk management features provide the perfect solution. They help you to identify risks, changes and issues early on. And they help you to list all of the tasks needed to resolve them before they impact on your project deadline. Whether you have equipment failure, staff issues or software bugs, you can manage them smoothly here.

  • Your entire team can raise issues, changes and risks
  • They can assign a likelihood and impact rating
  • You can prioritize the items raised
  • Track their progress and receive email alerts
  • Allocate tasks to resolve them quickly.

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