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How to be a Great Project Manager

Great project managers aren't "born under a mushroom"! They are normal people who have learned great tips and tricks that are critical to managing successful projects. Download this free book to learn the most common tips and tricks of great Project Managers. You’ll find out how to set goals and achieve them, how to improve your decision-making and how to boost your confidence along the way.

Building High Performing Teams

It doesn't take a “guru” to build a high performing team - it just takes a very careful approach. By reading the advice offered in this book, you can build high performing teams overnight. Learn how to recruit, lead and manage your team at a high level. Written by the Directors of, you'll learn the tips and tricks needed to boost your project team’s performance quickly.

Step by Step Project Planning

It takes a lot of work to plan a project from start to finish. You need to do more than just create a "project schedule". You have to plan for the resources, equipment, money and communications needed to deliver your project on time. It’s a lot of work. So learn how to do it easily by reading this book on the 10 simple steps to project planning.

Managing Projects of all Sizes

Throughout your project management career, you’ll end up managing projects of all sizes, types and industries. This project management book tells you how to manage small versus large projects, as well as programs and portfolios of work. It then goes "one step further" by helping you prioritize your projects and identify the things you need to do to stay on track.

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