Project Status Reporting

Exceptional project managers need exceptional Project Reporting tools...

Project Status Reports

Most project managers have to complete a regular status report for their sponsor. It's usually a time consuming task and involves getting input from lots of people and lots of data sources. In short, it can be a headache! But now, you can create your own customized Project Report at the click of a button. By generating these stylish Project Reports, you can show your sponsor that the project is on track and has been well managed. You can View, Email and Print any report at any time. You can choose whether or not to include tasks which are due this week, and any that are overdue. The report can even be emailed direct to your sponsor, saving you time and effort. This makes Project Reporting a breeze.

Progress Reports

It's often hard to know if you're on track - that's the million dollar question! This project management software answers that question by giving you Project Reports that tell you if you're on track. Each Project Report tells you the number of days you're ahead or behind schedule. It does this by calculating the actual time spent on each task versus the planned time to be spent. So you can see straight off, whether you're on track to meet your deadline. It's a million dollar feature to the million dollar question.

Resource Reports

One of the trickiest things in managing projects is knowing when your resources are overloaded. Have you allocated too many tasks to your resources and do they have any spare time available? This Project Reporting tool tells you who is overloaded and who isn't. It tells you the amount of time that you've allocated to each resource, their spare capacity and any variance. With this information, you can spread the work around more evenly. Project Reporting is fun, using

By using the creative Project Reporting features offered by, you can view the status of your projects in a flash. With a wide variety of Project Reports at your fingertips, you can check any aspect of your project to see if it's on track. Whether you're interested in the health of your project, the schedule or the level of risk, these intuitive Project Status Reports give you the information needed to achieve success. You can:

  • Create a Project Report in just three clicks
  • Report on all of the tasks in your project plan
  • Include the actual vs. planned progress to date
  • Identify whether the project is currently on track
  • View, print or email your Project Reports as you wish.

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