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Project Management Career Planning

Career Planning for Project Managers

Do you plan your career as well as you plan your projects? Follow these tips and strategies to get the jump on your project management career goals and plans.

What Tools and Traits Make Project Managers Great?

Top Traits of Great Project Managers

Do you have what it takes to be a great project manager? Learn the top ten personality traits of project leaders and see how you stack up.


5 Ways to Prevent Holiday Delays with Issue Management

During the holidays, improperly managed issues can cause serious project delays. “We’ve got so many issues on my project,” one of my colleagues said to me at lunch the other day. “The log is so long I’m almost scared to read it.” It sounded to me as if he hadn’t been actively managing the project’s issues and had let things get out of hand. Then he confessed that he was going to have to stop the project to sort out the issues before they could start work again! So I was right – things were out of hand, but at least he was taking active steps to get things back on track....

project management trends

4 Project Management Trends to Watch in 2015

A smart project manager knows what's going to happen before it happens. That's not luck, but having the foresight to know what's impacting your industry. Read this article and learn what.


New Years 2015: Resolve to Make Your Projects More Flexible

“Project management is all about following processes,” I heard someone say the other day – and this was a trainer delivering a change management course! I was surprised, to say the least, because I know that isn’t true. There’s a lot more to managing projects successfully than following a process. And project managers have to be a lot more flexible than simply pulling out a checklist and ticking the boxes. Why flexibility matters The flexible project manager takes those checklists and processes and adapts them to fit his or her project. That makes the whole working experience bette...

manage a project to minimize mistakes

5 Ways to Avoid Blind Spots in Your Scheduling

In this article we speak to scheduling issues that all project managers have to deal with, and how sometimes important items fall through the cracks. Read this to have less cracks.

Plan the perfect project snowman

How to Plan the Perfect Snowman

There's more to Frosty than magic. Planning the perfect project takes preparation, proper scheduling, resources alignment... including snow, if your project is a snowman.

Talking to your team about holidays

Better Team Communications Over the Holidays

Read more about the 5 pitfalls you should avoid when communicating with your project team over the festive period. If you have to work when everyone else is off, let's at least make it fun!


PM Trends of 2014: How Stacks Up

It’s the time of year for all of us to reflect on our past successes and areas for growth. We’re looking back at what the pundits predicted for project management in 2014 to see how our software supports these emerging tools, tips and trends. Trend #1: Project leadership Elizabeth Harrin predicted that leadership would be on the agenda for 2014 and that’s certainly been the case. We’ve noticed a lot of chatter about building project leadership capability from PMI groups and members of our LinkedIn community. Successful project delivery relies on having executive support so leaders...

managing projects is a learning moment

Projects Can Teach Project Managers Valuable Lessons

Every project can teach a project manager great things they can then apply to their next project. In this article we note five lessons that all project managers should takeaway from their jobs.

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