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Getting Project Stakeholders on Side

Our project management expert shares lessons from her experience working with multiple stakeholders. Watch this video to learn about getting project stakeholders on side, after all they are the owners of the project. ...

How To Manage Small Project Changes

“Can’t we just add this in?” one of my project team members said to me the other day. “It will take longer to go through the change process than it will to do the work.” He had a fair point. The change management process on our multi-million dollar project was designed for big changes. We used enterprise project management software to manage changes that take weeks to implement and that involve significant cost and schedule revisions. Not changes that are 10 minutes of work and that we could probably include in less time than it takes to go through a full change analysis. The t...

How To Give Feedback to Your Team

“So, how am I doing?” I overheard one of my team members say to their team leader. “Erm, fine,” was the response. The team member looked a bit disappointed. I think she had expected to receive more detail about how she was performing and any areas that she could improve on. While it’s awkward to be put on the spot, the team leader could have suggested that they meet later that day or at another convenient time to discuss her contribution to the project and the work that she was doing. Giving feedback, both positive in the form of praise and negative (which is better if you call it...

How To Escalate Project Issues

“I’ve found a little problem,” said one of my project team members the other day. “Can I take you through it?” As it turned out, it wasn’t a little problem at all. It was a big issue with the product design and even though we spent a long time working out how to solve it, we couldn’t come up with an action plan that didn’t involve more time, more money or a dip in project quality. So it wasn’t something I felt comfortable with taking the decision on – it’s my role on a project to implement the sponsor’s wishes, not to approve a budget overspend. The issue needed to be e...

How To Be A Project Mentor

Once you have been a project manager for some time you may be asked to be a mentor. What’s that? Well, a mentor is someone who provides informal or structured support to another person, normally a junior project manager or someone who would like to move into project management. It’s a great honor to be asked to be someone’s mentor. The mentee (the person whom you are mentoring) normally selects the individual they would like to mentor them but some companies have formal mentoring schemes. These can match up suitable mentor-mentee partnerships and if your company has a mentoring scheme...

Top Knowledge Areas for PMs

Watch this video for insight on project manager must knows, as based on the experience and expertise of a Project Management Professional (PMP). ...

How Not To Use Task Lists

Task lists are a valuable tool for managing projects, and also for completing many day-to-day activities too. They are the core of project management plans and the basis of many schedules. In fact, many project managers can’t live without them! Even though the concept of a task list is simple, it is still easy to make errors that mean your tasks lists (and the subsequent project plans that are based on them) are less effective. Here are some things to avoid when it comes to putting together comprehensive and effective task lists. Don’t Do It Alone Creating a task list for a project by...

Help – My Schedule Is Unrealistic!

Have you ever spent time preparing a great project schedule, only to find that your project team members never hit any of the dates? It’s not something that many project managers will admit to, but (secretly) we have all been there. Sometimes team members stick to their own deadlines and take no notice of the critical milestones that you have carefully woven into a sophisticated project schedule. You might even find that someone in the team is brave enough to tell you that your schedule is completely unachievable. So what do you do when faced with an unrealistic schedule? It’s a difficu...

Great Tactics For Managing Project Risk

“But what if…?” is something I hear a lot on my projects. Perhaps my project team members are particularly pessimistic, but we seem to find it easy to identify lots of risks that could affect the successful outcome of our project! You don’t have to be a pessimistic person to be able to identify project risks – in fact, being able to see the big picture and work out what could potentially create problems is a good skill to have and one that can save your project thousands of dollars. It is often a lot cheaper to deal with preventing a problem than to deal with the problem itself if...

An Introduction To Stakeholder Roles

“So, am I responsible for this?” one of my project team members asked me. “Yes,” I replied. While I am the project manager and responsible for the project overall, this individual was responsible for getting a particular risk management plan entered into our risk tracking software and for allocating the tasks to the relevant team members. On a project team you’ll find that many people have different responsibilities. But there is only one person who is accountable for the success of the project overall, and most of the time that is the project sponsor, not you! Knowing which st...
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