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5 Types of Project Sponsor

“What sort of sponsor do you have?” a project manager at a conference asked me recently. “Mine is a real pain.” This got me thinking about the different types of project sponsor that I had worked with in the past. And the types of project sponsor I had fortunately managed to avoid, but that I knew my fellow project managers and colleagues had to put up with. There are as many different ways to sponsor a project as there are sponsors, as everyone will approach the job individually. However, there are some broad categories that we can drop sponsors into. These were the 5 main group...

5 Reasons To Improve Your Communication Skills

How good are your communication skills? I expect you think that they are pretty good, given that you are in a project-based role where communication is very important! But there is always more that you could do to improve your skills. With so many other things to learn – scheduling techniques, facilitation skills, budgeting and more – why would you invest time in honing a skill that you are already confident that you can do? Well, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your communication skills. 1. To Negotiate For Resources Project managers need resources for their team and proj...

Tips For Giving Feedback

Watch our experts insight on why giving straight up feedback to your project team will improve project success and why it's your responsibility as a project manager to let your project team know how they're going on a regular basis. ...

5 Essentials for Closing Projects

As I showed the project sponsor the last deliverable she said, “Great, that’s that project over then. I’ll brief you about the next one at our next meeting.” Hold on! The project isn’t over just because you’ve delivered the last deliverable! There are still a lot of things to do to ensure that your project is properly closed and shut down in a professional way. I talked to my sponsor about what else we needed to do in order to close the project down efficiently, and these were the 5 essentials that we discussed. 1. A Hand Over My project team wasn’t going to be responsible f...

Top 12 Interview Tips

You applied for a new job and this morning the letter or email arrived saying that the company wants you to come in for an interview. That’s great news, but it can be just a little bit scary at the same time! If you haven’t had to interview for a position in a while you might feel daunted by having to prepare for an interview. It doesn’t have to be hard. Check out our 12 top interview tips and you’ll be feeling organized in no time. 1. Plan Your New Job Strategy How are you going to handle this interview and your job search in general? Create a task list so that you don’t miss anyt...

Top 10 Timesheet Tips

Some project managers find it hard to get their teams to complete timesheets. It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, completing your timesheet can be a quick job if you do it regularly and use an online system that makes it easy for you. Here are our top 10 timesheet tips in case you are struggling to get accurate time data from your team. 1. Include Vacations Make sure there is somewhere on the project timesheet for team members to book their vacation time to. If they are on the beach or taking photos of a new city they won’t be working on your project, so make it easy for them to re...

Top 4 Project Management Certifications

Professional credentials can be a big help for your career, because employers often use them to make hiring decisions. A credential shows that you have invested time and money in gaining a professional qualification, which means you are serious about project management and understand what it involves. But which credential should you choose? There are plenty of options, everything from short courses requiring no experience to full-time Masters-level courses in project management. You can get certificates tailored to your industry, or generic accreditation that marks you out as a project mana...

5 Types of Project Contract

Watch this project management video to learn about the five different types of project contracts that are available to the buyer, as they range from low to high risk. ...

5 Risks To Your Project Schedule

Project managers rely on their schedules. The project schedule is the one document that tells everyone what they should be doing, when it needs to start and how long it should take. It is also used to track progress, so managing a project without a schedule is virtually impossible if you want to achieve the agreed milestones and delivery dates. However good we think our schedules are, there are always risks when it comes to managing tasks, resources and the project scope. Here are 5 scheduling risks that you could be facing – how will you manage these on your project? 1. Not Scheduling Vaca...

How To Host A Lunch And Learn

“That’s so interesting,” one of my team members said the other day. “Can we do that as a lunch and learn? I expect the rest of the team would like to hear about it.” We were discussing the lessons learned from one of my recent projects. There was some good stuff that had come out of the project that was worth me sharing with the rest of the team, and maybe even wider than that. Perhaps some other people in different departments would like to come along and hear what we had done differently on this project to make it such a success. I agreed that hosting a lunch and learn sessio...
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