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Why Working Together Is Best

The Blame Game sounds like fun, doesn’t it? The words even rhyme. We’ve all played it before and some of us are much better at it than others. There are really not that many rules to The Blame Game other than to make sure that, when something goes wrong, attention is diverted away from your desk, department, or company as quickly as possible. The more reasons you can come up for why it’s somebody else’s fault, the more points you get. This can be done in oh so many creative ways. It could be somebody else’s fault for not following up on the data in the project report you gave them...

6 Reasons Why Your Project Is Failing

Is your project going OK? Are you sure? Often project managers think their project is progressing to plan and by the time they realize that something is wrong it is too late to implement corrective actions and get the project back on track. Here’s a quick health check that you can carry out on your project. Run through these 6 points and see if your project is at risk from failing. 1. You Don’t Have A Project Plan You do have a detailed project task list, don’t you? A task list forms the foundation of your project schedule, and this is critical so that everyone knows what they need ...

Why You Need Online Project Management Software

Some people can be hesitant about switching to online project management software, and yet for other companies, like ours, we made the switch instantly. It’s so much better and easier than the way of working before. But if you are looking for concrete reasons why you should make the move to an online project management tool, here are nine and a half reasons to switch. 1. Get Your Files From Anywhere Web applications are great because you can access your project files from anywhere with internet access. Whether you need to review your project plan on the train, update your risk log in the a...

5 Reasons to Keep Learning

Here's five reasons to keep learning and enhance your PM career, increase demand for your expertise and increase your opportunities through continued learning. ...

What Sort Of Team Do You Have?

It’s really important on a project to have a great team. After all, you don’t do all the work yourself: you need some colleagues and team members to help you deliver the project. But what sort of team do you have? There are lots of different ways that teams can be organized. You can manage projects with all of them, although some structures make it easier than others! Here are 5 ways that your company could be organized. Which approach is the one used where you work? 1. Functional In a functional organization, each team member has a clear line manager in the hierarchy. This could make...

Top 10 Team Building Ideas

One of the roles of a project manager is to build the team. That’s easier said than done! If you don’t have much leadership experience, how are you supposed to get a group of people who have nothing in common except your project to come together as a dedicated, supportive team? Team building activities are one of the core ways to build trust and understanding in a team. A team building activity is something above and beyond working on the project together. It’s an activity that can be done in working time or out of hours and is generally fun! The idea is to create a shared experience ...

Top 10 Project Management Books

Every project manager needs a few books tucked away on their bookshelf. Whether you want to advance your career, learn a new skill or just brush up on project management basics, there is a book for you. You may even find that your Project Management Office has a little library that you can use to borrow books. This saves you buying them! Or you could club together with some colleagues and start your own collection. Take turns in reading them, and then share your thoughts with the rest of the group. Here is our selection of the top 10 project management books every project manager needs to r...

Tips For A Stress-Free Vacation

You’re going on holiday! That’s great news, I’m sure you deserve a break away from the stresses of your project. However, when I went away recently, the first thing my project team members said was, “What are we going to do without you?” That’s not great! While I want to be an important part of the team I don’t want everything to stop when I take a week’s vacation. And I certainly don’t want to be checking emails and responding to phone calls from the beach. When I’m off work, I want to be completely off work and use the time to relax and recharge my batteries. So how...

How To Reduce Time on Projects

Learn five ways how to reduce time on projects to have fewer meetings, shorter meetings and actually make quicker decisions. ...

Quick Tips for Time Management

I work full-time, I have a family and a busy social life, as do many project managers I know. How do we manage to fit it all in? Well, my friends, colleagues and I have spent years working out how to eke out every last minute from the day, trying to get as much packed in as possible! It can be done – you can manage to get more out of the hours available at the office, and here are my top 7 time-busting tips to prove it. 1. Use A Task List Do you forget what you are supposed to be doing each day? Or get to 5pm and wonder why you haven’t achieved everything you meant to? Or spent the day w...
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