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5 Project Team Challenges And How To Fix Them

I bet your project team always works together effectively, and they love coming to the office to spend time with each other. Right? Well, if you agreed, you’d be a project manager in the minority! Most project teams go through some challenging times. There’s conflict in every working environment as different personalities and experts come together to solve problems in different ways. Team challenges also take different forms – it doesn’t always have to be the large-scale disagreements about the project that create tensions in the team or difficult situations for the project manager to ...

5 Tips For Better Lessons Learned

“When is the lessons learned meeting?” I asked a colleague who had just finished a difficult project. She looked at me blankly. “Oh, one of them,” she said eventually. “I don’t bother with those. They just turn into an opportunity to criticize my working style.” A lessons learned meeting is what you hold at the end of a project, and should certainly not be solely an opportunity to criticize the project manager. I pointed out to her that she could be managing the meeting more effectively in order to tease out what was learned during this project. Then those lessons could be ...

5 Ways To Manage Risk

Let’s face it, however confident you are that your project will be a success, there is always a chance that something might go wrong. The things that might go wrong are called project risks, and a wise project manager identifies them early at the beginning of the project so that he or she can do something about them. Of course, risk management is an ongoing activity, so you should carry on identifying and recording new risks as they come up. Creating a list of risks is a good starting point, but it isn’t enough in itself. You also need an action plan per risk in order to be able to mana...

5 Ways To Improve Your Effectiveness

Our project management expert shares her learning on project planning and execution. Learn why self-discipline is key and the importance of the three qualities of willpower, hard work and persistence. ...

5 Steps For Confident Project Closure

When you start a project, you and the team are full of energy. By the time it comes to closing it down, things are moving at a different pace and you may well not have the enthusiasm to give 100% focus to the project, especially if you are already working on the next one. However, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult to close a project. Here are the 5 steps that you should take in order to close your project professionally. They won’t take long and you can easily add them to your project schedule today. 1. Plan A Handover Who is going to be managing the deliverables once ...

5 Risks To Your Project Resource Management

“I’m finding it really hard to form my team,” one of my fellow project managers said to me the other day. “I didn’t realize that it would be so complicated.” She had always had a relatively easy time of putting together project teams, but on her current project the make up of the team is different and it has been much harder to get the right people together in a timely fashion. Project resource management risks are often overlooked when it comes to putting your risk register together, but here are 5 risks to consider when securing your team. 1. It Takes Longer Than Expected ...

How to Get Your Teams Working Together

Wouldn’t it be lovely if our project teams always worked together harmoniously? Without conflict, our projects would get done in record time and always with a smile. There wouldn’t be any disagreements, and you’d get the right solution every time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sound like the real world to me. Project teams are bound to have conflict and to struggle with the difficult bits of the project and with working together. So while you can’t avoid challenges, you can at least be prepared to deal with them as and when you notice problems arising in your team. Here are 5 mor...

5 Benefits of Collaboration Software

Do you use collaboration software on your projects? I hope so, as it’s a really easy way to improve the relationships between your project team members. It lets you cut down on email and it’s a straightforward way to minimize the chances of miscommunication. On one of my projects, a miscommunication over email led to an email chain of over 30 messages – collaboration software would have stopped that long exchange, and probably stopped the miscommunication in the first place! If you don’t already use collaboration software, I’m going to try to convince you. Here are 5 benefits of u...

Tips for Professional Project Management

Project sportsmanship adds to a project managers professional standing. Learn from an expert some of the keys to sportsmanlike conduct on projects. ...

4 Steps To Great Quality Plans

There’s no point working on a project and completing all the tasks to time and on budget if what you produce is actually rubbish! That’s where quality plans comes in. It is a way of ensuring that what you are building or delivering is fit for purpose and meets the needs of the project stakeholders. When you talk to your sponsor, you’ll probably find that he or she wants a ‘quality’ outcome, but that they have difficulty defining what ‘quality’ really means to them. They will have an idea in their head of what the perfect outcome looks like, but sometimes people need help ident...
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