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5 Ways to Engage in OTHER People’s Meetings

We run a lot of meetings as project managers, and as a result have probably seen good, bad, and ugly attendee behaviors. Question is, how do you act at meetings that someone else has called? The following article will discuss some habits you may want to pick up to get the most out of other people’s meetings. There’s a lot of wisdom in the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. I’ve seen other versions (primarily on bumper stickers), i.e., do unto others before they do unto you, or do unto others…then run, but for the sake of this article we’ll stick wit...

In Search of the Project Management Holy Grail

Some things are hard to come by: a winning lottery ticket, a million dollars, and a project management methodology that works for all occasions. The following explores some of the reasons why a project management methodology that works on all projects is rare, and ways you can make one work for you. Who can ever forget the comedy classic “Monty Python and the Holy Grail?” Where would we be without such lines as “I’m not quite dead yet,” or scenes such as the little killer bunny rabbit with the sharp pointy teeth, or the Knights Who Say Nee? The plot of the movie was based loosely ...

3 Tips for Keeping Executive Presentations Short

It’s been said that brevity is the soul of wit. Nowhere is brevity and wit more important than when presenting in front of a group of executives. The following article explores some of the reasons why it may be challenging for project managers to keep their presentations brief, and some tips to get an executive presentation to a manageable length. Preparing presentations for executive project reviews is very near and dear to my heart. I’ve written about this topic before, I’m writing about it now, and I can assure you I’ll be writing about it in the future. Why? Because I do a numbe...

3 Simple Steps to Start Your New Project with

After you’ve created your project charter, defined your key milestones, created your stakeholder list, defined your project team, created the budget and approved everything with your project sponsor… your work has hardly begun. Now the work of setting up your project management process begins. The right tools can make this step a lot easier, and will ensure that all the hard work you accomplished initiating your project will be managed seamlessly and in real-time over the entire project management lifecycle. The right tool can almost manage your projects for you. Starting a project in P...

Using Social Media On Projects

Despite this being the 21st Century there are many people on project teams who don’t use social media at home. They aren’t on Facebook and you won’t find them on LinkedIn. However, for every individual that isn’t, I bet there are two in your company who are! Social media is here to stay and there are ways that a project manager can use these tools to improve their projects. Does that sound interesting? Then let me tell you more… Why Use Social Media Somewhere in the world, someone has done something like your project before. Public social networks and discussion groups like our ...

Project Management 101: Does your plan need more work?

Does your plan look a bit like our cartoon? We’ve seen a few plans with some substantial holes in, but you can easily fill in the blanks if you put your mind to it. Let’s have a quick run through of the project planning phases – and we’ve included some handy resources to help build your project schedules easily. Kick Off At the beginning of the project it’s the project manager’s job to: Develop the project charter (with input from your sponsor) Identify the key stakeholders Advise on project team members. And perhaps get involved with identifying the business benefits....

10 Great Project Dashboard Metrics

Most project managers have a gut feeling about whether their project is going well or not. I do use the ‘gut feel’ approach, but I also like to have a dashboard of solid project management metrics to help me decide where I should be focusing my management effort. Should I spend more of my time on risk management, or managing expenses? On the team’s resource allocation or on dealing with issues? A dashboard gives you a visual overview of the project’s performance so you can see at a glance what’s going on. I like to use these 10 metrics as I think that combined they give me a great...

How to Advance Your Career in a Lean Org

Many successful project managers are very happy with their current positions, but wisely keep their eyes open for their next career move. The default position for those in a flat or lean organization is to look outside their own company, which isn’t always preferable as it requires leaving a business and a team they enjoy. With lean business practices trending across industries, many businesses now pride themselves on thinning layers of management and even eschew traditional titles. You might expect this practice to be exclusive to small business or start-up culture, but it is being succe...

5 Reasons Why You Should Network

An email went round the office for an evening lecture. The speaker was someone who had just written a great project management book, so I forwarded it on to my friends at work and asked if anyone wanted to come with me. When I bumped into Sonia, I asked her if she had seen it. “Oh, I’m not going to that event,” she said. I thought she might have other plans so I didn’t press her, but then she said: “I don’t do networking.” I was surprised. She is a very sociable person and she builds relationships with her colleagues easily. I thought she’d be networking all the time and ...
87 Announces Scholarship Winner

Winner receives $1000 for tuition support AUSTIN, TX—January 2, 2015 Austin-based SaaS software provider announced the winner of their “Give me $1000 in 1 minute” video scholarship contest today. Alyssa Parr, an architecture student, is the official winner of the $1000 award in which entrants produced a one-minute video answering the statement: “A great project manager is someone who…” Entrants posted their videos to Instagram with the hashtag #pmscholarship. (See her winning video). Originally from Maryland, Ms. Parr currently attends California Polytechnic ...
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