Online Project Management

This software helps you manage projects across the web:

Manage Projects Online

These days, everything is going online. The way you share documents, the way you collaborate with your team and the way you manage projects is also moving to the web. That's why online software is so popular. By storing everything about your project in one place online, it means that the entire team can access the right information when they need it, regardless of where they are located.

Plan Your Work

The great thing about moving your projects online is that the information provided is real-time. As your colleagues update task status, assign work or enter timesheets, everyone has a real-time view of the status of the project. In this way, you can determine at a moments notice, whether you are currently on time or under budget. You can't do this with desktop PM tools.

Track Your Status

This online software also comes with a graphical dashboard and easy to use reports. Simply import your Microsoft Excel or MS Project plans and the dashboard is immediately populated, showing you the overall status of the project. That way, you can work smart with your time by monitoring the project status daily and keeping control of the work at hand.

Managing a project from start to finish is a big responsibility. You need to keep an eye on your resources, time, expenses and equipment constantly. To do this well, you need to use smart online project management software.

This software is unique because it simple to use, fully integrated with Microsoft Office, it comes with the best Gantt Chart on the planet and it makes your job easier. Using it, you can:

  • Create your projects online
  • Build project plans and assign tasks
  • Keep an eye on the status of your project
  • Assign and track resources
  • Control time, cost and quality
  • Manage from your mobile phone

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