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Every project involves creating documentation. Whether it's a business case, project charter or project report, you'll want to keep it all in a central location. It's best to store it with your project data, so that it's all in one place. Project Manager .com lets you do this by offering you smart Online File Storage. For every project, you can create your own File Storage folder, in which you store all of the Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents created. You can quickly access historical files using this wonderful Online Storage system. Do you use project templates? You can store them here, along with the deliverables for each project.

Share Files with your Team

The biggest benefit in using Online Storage is that your entire project team can share files as they wish. Simply add a file to the File Storage folder and your team will gain immediate access to it. You can swap and share as many files as you wish. For instance, if you create a design document for a product you are building and you want the team to review it, then simply add it to your File Storage folder. Your team can then download it from wherever they are, as it suits them. And they can upload the document with their revisions. This powerful Online Storage facility allows your team to jointly collaborate on documents. They can all contribute to your project deliverables, boosting your team success.

Backup Critical Files

Use to keep a regular backup of files on your PC. This way, if your PC crashes then you have a second copy online. You will probably have to hand over your project files to your client when the project is complete. So make sure you have a second copy of your project files online, as a backup. You may even wish to give your customer access to your Online Storage folder, so they can review each document as you create it. Regardless of it's use, Project Manager .com makes Online Storage simple and easy, saving you time on projects.

You can store all of your project files, documents and spreadsheets in a central place. By keeping them together online, you can access them from anywhere in the world, anytime. Simply login to Project Manager .com and upload and download files as you wish. Using these exciting File Storage features, you can share files with your team effortlessly. It's simple and intuitive to use. You can:

  • Keep your files in one place
  • Share files with your project team
  • Access them from anywhere, anytime
  • Keep different versions and assign to projects
  • Store any type of documents.

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