Issue Tracking Software

This Issue Tracking software helps you identify, track and report on issues online...

Issue Tracker

Using the Issue Tracker included in Project, you can view all of your project issues in one place. The Issue Tracker helps you record who it is that needs to resolve each issue and by when. You can list all of the tasks that need to be completed and keep track of their progress. The Issue Tracker makes Issue Tracking simple. If you want to use powerful software for tracking issues, then take a free trial now.

Issue Software comes with its own dashboard, which includes customizable charts for Issue Tracking. Each Issue Tracking chart shows you at a glance, the number of issues with your projects. And at the portfolio level within this Issue Software, you can see which projects are affected by issues more than others. You can click on any of the charts and drill down to see the individual issues to hand. It makes the tracking of issues simple.

Issue Tracking Reports

As a Project Manager, you need Issue Tracking for your projects. provides you with a day-by-day account of your issues, through Issue Tracking reports. Each report lists the issues overdue and the issues which need attention soon. By using this Issue Software to report on issues, you can ensure that the right issues are resolved at the right time.

Any type of issue can be tracked, from technical problems and software bugs, to equipment and supplier issues. You can record as many issues as you wish, using the ingenius Issue Tracker. You can record the impact and priority of issues and assign actions to resolve them. And the dashboard and reports take Issue Tracking to a whole new level. It helps you to:

  • Identify, describe and record issues
  • Prioritize issues and determine their impact
  • Assign issues to people in your team
  • Track the progress of your issues
  • Report on issues when you want

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