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It's easy to manage your projects from Gmail with this new Google Project Management widget. Simply open an e-mail and click on the "PM" widget to see which tasks you have to complete today. Then as you complete those tasks, update the percent complete and add notes along the way.

Google Calendar

You can import tasks from Google Calendar, into Then schedule those tasks, assign resources and track the delivery. The smart Google Project Management integration allows you to keep your tasks in sync.

Google Docs

View your Google Docs within Simply open the "Documents" page and import Google Docs into your project document folders. You can also link your Google Docs to your project tasks, expenses, risks, issues and changes.

Google Spreadsheets

Use the simple import feature to add tasks from your Google spreadsheets, into your online project plan within project That way, everyone in your team can see one view of all of the tasks that are needed to complete the project from start to finish.

Chrome App

By installing this free Google Chrome app, you can open project from the new tab within your Google chrome browser. To save time having to navigate to the website the app allows you to login to project with the click of a single button.

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Google Case Study

Read this Google apps case study to learn how an IT consulting services company combined Google apps with project to make the perfect combination for managing projects. The only piece of the jigsaw missing from Google apps is a smart project management tool to compete with Microsoft project. Project is that missing piece


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